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The most modern manufacturing technologies and the premium quality materials that we put into the creation of our personalized flower boxes make this type of packaging ideal for use by florists, wedding designers, gift item, baking, and catering industries in their day-to-day work. Would you like to see our production facility making personalized flower boxes? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Our customers can rest easy in the knowledge that even the most humble gift or flower arrangement they make for their customers will become a kingly surprise when it is presented in a luxurious custom flower box. Consider our high-end personalized flower boxes for your flower or gift item store. Listen to what our customers have to say about our products: Video Reviews to help you better understand our company and the products – personalized flower boxes that we manufacture.

You can order personalized flower boxes in bulk with your logo application, eyelets, and/or eyelets and ribbons and custom prints on them from Fleur Box. We are a Gift Box Factory to go to for custom flower boxes.

To help you place an order, please, see our Box Categories first. Next, click on the category image to open the associated page with sizes. You can then see our prices per size within the category of your choice. Our website works like any other online store except the gift boxes that we offer are not ready-made so in order for you to get a quote, please add the items you’d like to your cart and proceed to checkout. Our minimum order is as little as 40 boxes that you can mix and match to be able to try various box designs as well. You will see your grand total at checkout – that will be the final price of your order including doorstep delivery and personalization options. Be sure to add personalization options to make your gift boxes one of a kind.

We make elite flower boxes that exceed every expectation for a luxury gift.

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from the US

“I am from USA and I am starting a floral business with floral boxes. It is hard to find someone that makes these boxes here. However, I am very blessed to find Yuri and his company because since the beginning that I contacted him he has been wonderful to work with. He is honest, professional, and answered all my questions immediately. It was a great experience to do business with him. I will definitely continue purchasing his beutiful, well done boxes. I highly recommend Fleur Box.”

from Bulgaria

“This was our first time ordering boxes from fleur-box.com. Yuri was so helpful during the process and answered all our questions / there were a lot of them 🙂 / patiently. We were very worried about the boxes but when received them we were stunned by the quality and the professionalism. I will definitely continue to order boxes from Yuri and trust his professional opinion. Sending my best wishes to the whole team – keep doing your best :)”

Flowers are a gift of wonder. Arranged with taste, a bouquet is perfect for every occasion – to express affection, to show how you feel, to mark an important event. Happily, the time is gone when incredibly beautiful flowers would be wrapped in cheap cellophane tied with a curly ribbon. That kind of packaging only ruined the effect, spoiling the natural beauty of the flowers.

Today, the most signal trend in the world of floristry is in the packaging – presenting flowers in decorative cardboard flower boxes. There’s a dizzying array of shapes, colors, and cover materials to choose from, allowing you to make every bouquet utterly unique, doubling the joy flowers can bring.

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Firstly, flower boxes, or what some people may call them, rose boxes keep a bouquet safe, preserving its original shape and condition. Second, sturdy gift boxes or rose boxes let you send flowers to another city, even to another country, while the blooms retain all their original freshness and beauty. Throughout the shipping process, the flower boxes, rose boxes help keep the flowers and all their visible aesthetics intact. These gift boxes protect the flowers from physical damage, but more – the box contains a place for experienced florists to deploy nutrient packs, so the flowers arrive at their destination as fresh as on the day they shipped. And thirdly, the flowers in these flower gift boxes become a lovely highlight for any interior! Finally, in addition to all this, these beautiful rose boxes often find new uses around the home long after the flowers have faded.

Our premium flower gift boxes come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors – these gift boxes are an elegant and romantic solution. They’re that ideal packaging for flowers and presents. You can choose your own flower boxes, gift boxes or rose boxes from a variety of designs, size, color options, and cover materials. You can also have them personalized in a way that best fits your vision. Choose yours from a host of packaging solutions that we offer.

Heart-shaped flower gift boxes are perfect for wedding gifts or bouquets, family celebrations and, of course, a present for the object of your affection. It is a tender and romantic package with a special appeal for the fair sex – women live for love, after all, and all the many ways in which it is expressed.

Square rose boxes for bouquets and gifts, covered in sumptuous velvet, can transform even the simplest flowers into a striking composition. An experienced florist will know that high-quality flower boxes, together with a skillfully arranged bouquet, make for a true work of art.

Check out our packaging solutions. We offer a wide range of elegant flower boxes, rose boxes and gift boxes, all made of sturdy environmentally-friendly materials.

We manufacture custom flower boxes, sophisticated gift boxes bearing the insignia of your company. Name-brand flower shops put their bouquets in high-end flower gift boxes. We use hot foil stamping, digital printing, silkscreen, and other printing methods to place your logo on our flower boxes, all in line with your specifications and preferences. We perfectly understand the fact that all customers would want to see a visual of their final rose boxes so our creative team will prepare a 3D model for each of your boxes to demonstrate how your personalized gift boxes look with your logo on them before mass production. A beautifully rendered logo on your flower gift boxes gives your product a special appeal: your brand will stand out among the rest and set you far from the competition.

These luxury flower boxes give a florist a real advantage. All our customers can get the luxury flower boxes in the size, color they need and with just the right look and feel.

With Fleur Box, you can be confident that you’re getting top-of-the-line, elite flower gift boxes made of the highest-level materials.

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