4 Ways to Win Your Customer’s Heart on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Businesses

Valentine’s Day is a lucrative holiday. Consumers spend about $13 billion on this one special day. With a little extra effort, you can capitalize on the holiday and bring in extra profits too. Valentine’s Day is a goldmine when it comes to gaining new customers. It’s one time of year when people are not as loyal to a specific brand. For businesses, it means working hard to keep your current customer base and reaching out to new customers that you can turn into repeat shoppers after the holiday has passed. Since we love you too, we are sharing five ways for you to work your way into customers’ hearts this coming Valentine’s Day.

Don’t Be Late for Your Valentine’s Day Date!

Get ahead of the game by focusing on your email campaign early. One study indicated that out of six million emails, only about half of the recipients opened the email within 24 hours. However, 80% of those emails were opened within 12 days. When it comes to email marketing for special holidays, the earlier the better. Here is a sample email marketing calendar to help you organize your campaign.

  • Late January – Send out your first email offer.
  • Tuesday, February 1 – Announce your Valentine’s Day specials.
  • Monday, February 7 – Send out a reminder to purchase with a discount.
  • Thursday, February 10 – Announce last-minute shopping specials.
  • Monday, February 14 – Offer special e-gift certificates to drive last-minute purchases.

Be Sensitive and Creative

You probably know your target audiences very well. But boy can it get messy when it comes to their love lives. Everyone is not in a relationship on Valentine’s Day. But don’t make it a holiday just for those who are in love. Single people often purchase themselves gifts to celebrate their singleness. Some women send themselves flowers. Try to appeal to a wider group by making sure to include everyone in your marketing plan. Don’t exclude pet owners, same-sex couples, friends, and grandparents.

Bundle It!

Bundling can be a great way to target customers who are unsure about what to give someone they love or cherish. Not only does bundling items give customers some great ideas and make shopping easier for them, but it also increases order value. Customers feel like they are giving more. You can bundle items so that you market products that are not specifically romance-themed.  Decorative gift boxes provide you with an opportunity to dress up non-romantic gifts. You can strategically package items together so that they become a romantic kit. Think of bundling soaps with candles and bath salts in a gorgeous decorative box for a creative, romantic gift-giving experience.

Packaging is Everything

Help your customers say, “Happy Valentine’s Day” like never before by offering creative packaging options. Heart-shaped boxes can be used for a variety of gifts from flowers to candies, or lingerie. Provide customers with custom boxed items such as gourmet cheeses, wine, popcorn, or cookies. Create a variety of customized gift boxes to make it easy for customers to choose a packaged deal for their loved ones to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style.

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