6 Creative Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

It may not be quite as celebrated as the Christmas holidays, but Mother’s Day is a huge bonus for retail and online businesses. People enjoy surprising the women in their lives on Mother’s Day. Wives, grandmothers, aunts, and other special women receive a gift as a token of love and appreciation. Your business can benefit from Mother’s Day marketing efforts. Here are six ideas for creative ways to market this special day. You can help make it a great day for women everywhere and make the most of it from a business standpoint.

Create a Mother’s Day Gift-Giving Guide

There are always customers who are not sure what to purchase, especially for Mother’s Day. You can help them make great choices by developing a gift-giving guide for them. Make an organized listing of what to shop for from various perspectives. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Staying inside a specific budgeted amount (“Gifts Under $50”)
  • Focused on the Recipient (mother, friend, wife, grandmother, partner)
  • Based on Interests (techy gifts, pet lovers, sports fans, coffee drinkers)
  • Product Categories (jewelry, apparel, housewares, books, flowers)

Partner With Local Venders in Other Industries

Mother’s Day marketing allows an opportunity to extend your reach beyond the four corners of your business. Make arrangements and agreements with other local non-competing businesses. Local flower shops, jewelry stores, spas, and restaurants can partner with you to run promos for Mother’s Day. Together create offers that complement each other. Make use of gift cards or special coupons to other local businesses to enhance your Mother’s Day packages.

Offer Gift-Wrapping and Custom Boxing Services

Offer add-on options like gift-wrapping or custom boxes to gifts your customers buy for Mother’s Day. Make each gift unique and special for the recipient by offering a custom handmade box to complement each purchase. Your customers will love you for it!

Run Special Deals for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day marketing can mean offering your customers unique and special deals on purchases just like other holidays. There are a few ways you can handle discounts on purchases.

  • Offer a percentage-based discount on purchases for Mother’s Day
  • Give a dollar value discount
  • Offer free or upgraded shipping

Host a Mother’s Day Event

Before Mother’s Day, host an event that helps draw attention to a specific product or service you have for sale. If you own a flower shop, host a workshop on how to create beautiful bouquets. Combine this with specialty boxes to create special personalized gift options.

Offer Add-ons and Samples for Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is an exceptional time to offer complimentary experiences. For example, if you sell beauty products, add a sample of a luxury brand to each Mother’s Day purchase. Add a beautiful long-stemmed rose to purchases. If you have a beauty salon, offer a mimosa to moms while they wait.

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