About Us

We make elite flower boxes that exceed every expectation for a luxury gift

Fleur Box is a manufacturer of customizable top niche flower and gift boxes. We hand make an impressive range of flower boxes, all in a variety of sizes, colors and cover materials. Our boxes are a must for flower stores, flower brands, flower delivery services, gift shops and a host of other needs. Tap to check out our range.

We use high-quality cardboard, high-end paper, velvet and leather covering materials, and other consumables produced by the leading European manufacturers. Our own special gluing technology makes our flower boxes durably rigid and while remaining impeccable in appearance. They are designed for style and grace, boxes in which flowers make an indelible impression. 

Fleur Box is able to make flower boxes to individual client requirements and preferences.

With all the necessary resources and printing equipment available in-house, Fleur Box can apply any treatments a customer desires to the boxes – logos, slogans or phrases, texts, product names, custom prints or any other information. And our flower boxes are delivered straight from our plant right to your door using the world’s most reliable courier and cargo services. Tap to see our production facility in action – this will take you to our YouTube Channel.

Fleur Box aims to establish fruitful and long-lasting relationships with our clients, so we strive always to put our customers’ desires and interests first. Clients already include over two hundred long-term customers all over the world. When you contract with Fleur Box, you get a high-quality product you can be proud of, but you also get more – we back it all up with our full support in all matters that may arise, any questions you have, from the moment you place an order and until you have it in your hands.