Luxury Square Gift Boxes

A surefire way to make a statement…

There’s no more traditional, no more fitting, no more surefire way to make a statement than with flowers. Package them with luxury square flower boxes (square gift box) because the first impressions are the most memorable ones. All indelibly associate flowers with celebrations and events that really mean something important. They bring joy and a buoyant mood…

A new trend in floral fashion

The truth is, not everyone would be able to look after a bouquet to extend its life because that’s a lot of maintenance. That includes the cost of transport and all other such matters. As a result, we studied all the relevant factors in-depth and started the production of square gift boxes. They’ve now become a new trend in floral fashion. A square gift box with a beautiful flower arrangement inside looks amazing because it can impress by its very appearance. However, it does more than that – it creates a strong, continuing positive impression by what it does for the recipient, by how clever, well-designed and inventive it is.

The elegance of the boxed flower arrangements

The subtle taste will appreciate the firm but understated elegance of the luxury square flower boxes; a romantic nature will pick up notes of French allure. Practical minds will appreciate everything being taken care of in advance. In a flash, square gift boxes turn classic bouquets into a far more special and unusual offering. Use candies or jewelry to compliment the bouquet. Be sure to try floral oasis to keeps the flowers fresh and bright for an amazingly long time. Or use these boxes for preserved boxes.

Square flowers boxes production

Fleur Box hand makes square gift boxes in a variety of sizes, colors, cover materials including personalization.

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