Bouquets in Round Hat Boxes

Bouquets in round hat boxes for a first date

This would depend on where your first meeting takes place: in a park, café, the cinema, an exhibition – remember that an enormous bulky bouquet that isn’t in the right packaging will quickly become cumbersome to carry around. In this instance, therefore, we would always suggest opting for a more discreet, modest-sized bouquet. Round hat boxes won’t be an obstacle during a stroll, and on public transport or during a film screening. Hat boxes can be placed on your lap such that the flowers don’t incur any damage – and neither does her outfit! And if you suddenly want to wow your date with an unusual, striking bouquet while also ensuring it isn’t an inconvenience to either of you during the date, why not take a look at the floral arrangements created using round hat boxes.

Order a bouquet in advance or during the course of the date, come via the florist in order to buy roses in a hat box. Cylinder hat boxes are an ideal solution, which allows you to kill two birds with one stone: you’re giving her gorgeous flowers that will bring a smile to her face, while the both of you don’t they have to worry about holding onto them! Take a look at the photo: the roses are placed in a circle hat box created by Fleur Box, look so perfect. Imagine if it were a first date and that day her date decided to get her roses in a hat box.  See how the clever design enables the box to be placed on any surface, ensuring the flowers are preserved, with their external appearance just as intact, their petals as un-wilted as when they were bought.

Round hat boxes, or what some call them, circle boxes by Fleur Box are a fool-proof solution when it comes to creating bouquets for a romantic date! (Particularly if it’s the first!)

Circle boxes are ideal for long-distance travel, ensuring a bouquet stays fresh and doesn’t perish. Quality materials, delicate satin ribbons, and gold and silver eyelets are not to be overlooked when it comes to high-end packaging for bouquets. At Fleur Box, our circle boxes come with a range of additional features to choose from: for example, with your company logo, with a printed signature or an elegant pattern. We offer a range of paper types with various striking, imaginative effects in addition to a whole range of colorways and designs to make personalized cylinder hat boxes to reflect your company and brand.

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