Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

Our boxes are reasonably priced and manufactured with the premium sustainable materials.

Our Pricing Policy

Our pricing policy is to provide our clients with the best hand-crafted boxes made with custom premium cardboard materials at the most reasonable prices. Fleur Box offers a range of prices relatively affordable in comparison to the premium materials and superior workmanship our products are made with.

Our cardboard boxes come in a wide range of variably priced styles, designs, constructions, colors, cover materials, finishing, shapes, sizes, and shipping fortification. We set ourselves apart from our competition by importing premium European luxury cover materials, French velvet covers, Italian design paper covers, and Dutch faux leather and fabric coverings that are environmentally-friendly and largely reusable.

Cardboard Flower Boxes Wholesale

We consider the size of our clients’ orders and offer cardboard flower boxes wholesale pricing options for bulk orders. Bulk orders can differ in size and composition. We have a range of limits for mixing different designs on a bulk order. This enables you to pay less and obtain more variety. We also offer professional customization and graphic design services on our handmade boxes. This reduces the extra cost of having to find a graphic design company that will print on boxes. We calculate the cumulative price of these logo-requiring boxes according to their number and the complexity of the image, logo and custom design to be printed on them.

Tailored Approach

Working with a perfectly tailored approach, we offer our clients superior workmanship with highly trained workers who handcraft all our boxes. All our boxes are made with special gluing technology to ensure maximum durability and the highest quality. This perk is minimally incorporated into the pricing of our boxes.

International Shipping

Fleur box offers local delivery and international worldwide shipping by air. You are guaranteed doorstep delivery with the world’s fastest, most reliable and trustworthy courier services. Our delivery pricing policies are worked out based on the destination, size of cargo, level of travel fortification and the courier service to be employed. We transport our products in protective shipping boxes to ensure maximum protection and safety while on transit. This provision is incorporated into the delivery fee.

Damage Compensation

In the case that any of the boxes happen to get damaged during transportation, a measure of compensation is offered on the next purchase. We can provide you with a reasonable discount, or if the damage is minimal, we add more items into the shipment free of charge.

PayPal Certified Supplier

Finally, our accepted payment methods include PayPal. The PayPal system offers maximum client protection and boosts their confidence in Fleur Box. Online businesses need to offer a measure of trust to their clients, due to the prevalence of con artists today. PayPal assures all our clients of our reliability.

Cardboard flower box manufacturing

Our boxes are reasonably priced and manufactured with the best sustainable and certified premium materials and high-end covers including designer paper, velvet, faux leather, and fabric.

Here’s our range of cardboard flower boxes: Box Categories

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