Clear Round Boxes – Why Men Give Women Flowers

Clear Round Boxes – Why Men Give Women Flowers

Create exquisite flower arrangements in clear round boxes. Reveal the powerful beauty of flowers with elegant clear round boxes hand-crafted to order.

In ancient times, when our great-great-great grandfathers had only just begun to understand the world’s mysteries and how to defend against its dangers, they noticed that many plants had useful and even healing properties.  Some could slow bleeding, others reduced swelling, and still others, brewed as infusions, could cure otherwise fatal diseases.

We all know that the men would go out to find food while the women took care of home and hearth.  After every successful hunt, when the man brought back his kill, he’d also bring his better half healing herbs – stems, leaves or flowers. From these the women would prepare medicines, and the plants that had no practical value would be used to decorate their dwelling. With time, the custom only grew more deeply rooted, and today a bouquet acts as a talisman in a house, a guarantee of well-being and prosperity for the family that lives there.

Modern men carry that tradition forward every time they give a woman a bouquet that delivers the same message it had all those centuries ago: it is a promise of peace, kindness and harmony, a mark of respect and attention, recognition of the woman as the mistress of her home, as a wife and a mother.

Today’s bouquets, of course, are incredibly different than their ancient prototypes – in elegant wrappings or clear round boxes, they come in compositions where the colors are harmoniously combined, with a card subtly placed among the buds… Just look at the photograph, how tender and yet how gorgeous the fresh flowers look in these exquisite clear round boxes!

There’s no doubt: the photograph is effused with a captivating air of femininity, confidence and serenity – the same emotions that men have sought to evoke from their beloveds throughout the ages, that they’ve succeeded in evoking, with the gift of flowers.  We’re utterly certain that this eloquent tradition will continue to pass the test of time.

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