3 Questions to Ask When Designing Graphics for Custom Boxes

Using Custom Boxes and Packaging to Establish Your Brand

Your business has a unique offering and it’s important to differentiate yourself in the competitive marketplace.  Custom packaging can help you reach your brand’s goals. But how do you create the perfect custom boxes for your ideal customer?

Custom packaging can be a useful tool for helping you gain brand awareness. Designing your own graphics for custom boxes can provide your brand with a polished look. If you want to reap the benefits of customized packaging, you’ll want to start by asking the right questions.

What is the product?

The product has a lot to do with packaging. For instance, is your product breakable? Will it need sturdier protection? What are the product’s dimensions? Customized packaging is the ideal solution when you are handling items of unusual shapes or sizes.

Who is purchasing the product?

Of course, you’ve already done your market research because you understand how important it is to know your customers. It’s also helpful to know how your products offer them value. You need to know the demographics of your target market. Take note of things like their average age, values, gender, income levels, and occupation. These will help you as you choose the elements for your custom boxes. For instance, if you create products for children such as toys or games, you may want to use brighter colors. If you are marketing to CEOs, you’ll want to incorporate mute, more professional tones in your packaging graphics.

How are they making their purchases?

For most businesses, their sales platform influences packaging. If you provide only e-commerce shopping, you’ll want durable, shippable materials. If you are operating from a brick-and-mortar store, you’ll need less packaging. However, it still needs to be eye-catching and stand out from your competition.

Custom Boxes and Brand Consistency

When you are designing graphics for your custom boxes, feel free to use your brand’s logo. You will also want to incorporate colors and fonts that match your brand and logo. Think of it as if you are establishing your identity, because that’s exactly what you are doing. Your custom boxes should immediately identify you. A custom should be able to look at your packaging and think, “I know where that’s from!” If your brand is cheery and bright, using dark colors will not provide consistency. And the opposite is true.

Remember you are creating an unboxing experience for your customers. This should start the second the box containing your products is placed in front of them. Make sure your logo is prominent so that anyone who sees your custom boxes will be able to associate the logo and packaging with your company.

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