Drawer round box for flowers and gifts

Drawer round boxes for unmatched flower arrangements and gifts

Add our drawer round boxes for flowers and gifts to your range along wtih your company logo and other personalization options. The loveliness and fragrance of fresh flowers and a special gift hidden in a small drawer beneath is sure to make everybody happy! Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or anniversary, flowers go with every occasion. Flowers are a must for all things romantic. These drawer flower boxes are a perfect match for a Valentine’s Day or a special date.

Enhance the occasion of your customer by making your bouquets more than an offering. It just takes the right florist packaging – that’s where drawer round box with your logo on them come into play.

As an impressive accessory, these drawer flower boxes make it all easy, creating an unprecendedted look.

Here are some examples of our drawer flower boxes. We made these boxes for one of our clients in England. Luxurious gifts, flower arrangements or preserved roses look better in specialty drawer round boxes because with flowers so perfectly matched to the box color, the whole scene becomes a feast for the eyes.

Bouquets in speccialty florist packaging could be a highlight for any special occasion, a gift that also works as a decoration for your venue. Take your occasion to another level with our elegant drawer round boxes!

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