Eight Tips for How to Pack and Ship Gift Boxes

Sending gifts to partners, clients, and suppliers can be a smart move for your business. However, gifts must arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they were packed. This can be beneficial for helping to maintain quality professional relationships. Honestly, no one wants to receive a broken gift, right? Here are a few tips to ensure the recipient gets your gift in great condition.

Tips for Shipping Boxed Gifts

Use the Right Size Box for the Gift

Maybe it sounds a bit obvious, but choosing a box that is the right size for your gift is perhaps the most important consideration when shipping gifts. If the box is too large, items can rattle around and become damaged or broken. On the other hand, a box that is too small can cause gifts to become damaged and squashed. A custom box that is made to fit your gift is the perfect answer.

Consider Packing Materials Carefully

If you are shipping a gift for something like thanking a loyal customer for continuing to do business with you, consider the packing materials used in the box. Large, delicate gifts will require a sturdy, corrugated cardboard box. Smaller, flatter gifts will do well in rigid cardboard boxes or containers. To reduce our carbon footprint, use an eco-friendly material for stuffing the box. Better yet, use an eco-friendly box to ship the items, too!

Wrap Items Individually

If your gift box contains more than one item, wrap each item individually. For example, if you are sending a cup and saucer, wrap each of them separately with paper or other materials. This helps protect them during transit.

Fill Hollow Items

Are you shipping an item that is hollow, like a bottle holder or a vase? Put plenty of packing material inside the item. This provides some extra protection for items that tend to break easily.

Don’t Weigh It Until You’ve Packaged It

Make sure to weigh your gift box after you have prepared it for shipping. This helps prevent mistakes like forgetting to factor in the packing material. Once you have it all packaged up, then you will have an accurate weight for your shipping cost calculations.

Add the Right Amount of Postage

When you are sending a special gift to say thank you to a client, hard-working employee, or a supplier, the last thing you need is for there to be a delay. To avoid delays in shipping or delivery, make sure you have the right postage.

Label it as Fragile

Some items like fine China, crystals, or glassware make beautiful gifts for your valued clients. But these items are delicate and breakable. Allow the recipient the opportunity to enjoy these types of gifts for years to come by marking the box as fragile. That communicates to the carrier that it needs to be handled with care.

Use Tracking Services

When sending any type of package, including a gift box, make sure it gets to its destination by using tracking services. Most shipping companies provide tracking, so you always know the status and location of the package. You will also receive proof of delivery once it reaches the recipient.

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