Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Fleur Box is committed to sustainable gift packaging

Eco-friendly Cardboard Floral Boxes. Fleur Box is Committed to Sustainable Gift Packaging

Client satisfaction, customer health and the safety of the environment are our major concerns. We manufacture cardboard floral boxes and gift packaging solutions in accordance with international biodegradable standards.

With global warming and depletion of natural resources becoming issues for major concern, a lot of people have come to the realization that a collective effort is the only way to manage these environmental problems. Consumers who purchase packaged goods are now heavily conscious of the packaging products. The ability to provide recyclable and biodegradable packaging solutions is a core expectation every company has to fulfill. Industrialization doesn’t have to harm the earth and its inhabitants. It’s important to capitalize on the processes, materials, and techniques that pose less danger to the ecosystem.

Here’s why eco-friendly cardboard floral boxes and gift packaging is the corporate responsibility for Fleur Box

Eco-friendly cardboard floral boxes, also known as environmentally-friendly gift packaging, is primarily a series of solutions that permit the use of earth-friendly materials for the manufacture of these boxes. It typically involves the use of food safe, reusable, recyclable, compostable, and natural materials. Essentially, biodegradable materials are manufactured from living organisms such as plants, trees, and animal products, thereby, making them decomposable, because living things must die or expire. Non-biodegradable materials such as glass and plastics are not decomposable, but they can be recycled. This recycling prevents the wastage of natural resources and energy on the production of a new batch of materials from scratch. The reusability of these products is variable. Lasting over a million years from manufacture, glass which is made from sand can be reused several times over without any additional new materials for sustainability. Plastics are reusable on a limited basis.

A short detour into the concept of earth-friendly packaging

Fleur Box’s major value is to use sustainable materials for the production of our cardboard floral boxes. This is a simple way to conserve natural resources and limit the wastage of energy. Although some energy is used during the recycling process, it’s has a much lower negative impact on the biosphere than manufacturing from scratch. Our cardboard gift boxes are made from sustainable materials, in a bid to conserve natural forest resources.

Paper, glass, and plastic are reusable materials. Respectively, they can be mashed, crushed or heated again to produce new products with equal efficiency. It takes several decades for one tree to grow. Cutting them down each time paper has to manufactured will rob the earth of forest resources, render several species homeless, and reduce the number of windbreaks around people’s homes.

So, every time we here at Fleur Box use sustainable materials to manufacture our paper-based cardboard flower boxes, we are preventing the earth from losing one protective tree and natural habitat.

Fleur Box packaging solutions

It’s of paramount importance to mention that we always give our customers the upper hand. We walk them through details of the best packaging solutions to ensure global safety and that of their customers. At the end of the day, they usually incorporate this healthy concept into their final decision.

As a flower box supplier and gift box factory, we are committed to using several different kinds of materials to suit each client’s purpose.

Our cardboard box designs are made of several components. In varying compositions, they include plastic, cardboard, paper, velvet, and faux leather covers.

We are obliged to mention that some of our products are not biodegradable. Some manufacturers require plastic boxes to transport their goods safely. Plastic is not biodegradable, but it is recyclable and reusable. The plastic boxes also maintain the same shape while being reused severally. In some of the flower gift boxes and cardboard floral boxes, the plastic is supported by decomposable cardboard. Customers can rip out the plastic components of their boxes and send them to the nearest plastic waste management company.

In several countries around the world, recycling of products is a major governmental responsibility taken seriously. In such countries, there are bags and baskets at strategic points of the streets for people to dispose of their recyclable waste, without having to go to a waste management company.

Largely, the majority of our components are decomposable and safely disposable. If a customer who is conscious of the environmental safety rips out the plastic, they can then safely dispose of the cardboard.

With high-tech and certified nonbleached materials, we are committed to environmentally-safe cardboard floral boxes, packaging solutions, and if in the case they tend to constitute a waste to natural resources when not decomposable, they can easily be recycled and reused. The reason why we use plastic film on the exterior of our shipping boxes is to protect the inner cardboard floral boxes from mechanical or water damage, before or during transportation. The actual flower boxes are also wrapped in plastic film to ensure the highest level of protection. With that being said, all our customers are kindly requested to dispose of any plastic components safely, consciously and in line with their local environmental laws.

For long-distance transportation, shipping packages are manufactured with biodegradable corrugated cardboard, as well as the interior. They offer a good measure of protection from damage and destruction, and most importantly, they decompose and don’t cause harm to the environment.

Food safety of Fleur Box products

Food safe packaging primarily involves the use of non-toxic, low impact biodegradable materials to package food, edible or perishable materials. As harmful as it was, a lot of restaurants and businesses used plastic to deliver these materials to their customers. Many still do. Takeout plates are high demand commodities, and people rarely make time to bother with recycling them. They just toss these in the trash. Also, heat from food can melt plastic and cause the release of harmful chemicals. Since the consciousness for eco-friendly packaging became a norm, many food places now make use of paper bags and plates to package takeout. Paper plates are bio-degradable and don’t cause any chemical harm to food.

Here at Fleur Box, our cardboard flower boxes are made with healthy, nonbleached and sustainable materials that guarantee the total safety of any food items, flowers, gifts etc. that may be packaged with them.

Please, contact us for more information if you have any questions. Materials certificates are available upon request.

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