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This page provides answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive from customers around the world. The information presented below will give you most of your answers. However, every order is custom, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions

Our website has been configured to comply with our minimum order rules, so it will help you place an order in line with our requirements at every step of the way. However, please, note our minimum order is as little as 40 boxes. You can order a mixture of different styles within this minimum order because our minimum order per size and color is just 5 boxes.

Our product prices do not include logo application. All personalization options are at an extra fee because some customers don't necessarily need personalized boxes. There are some customers who prefer plain boxes, so it would be unfair to add personalization fees to the listed product prices in this case. Please add logo application to your order at checkout to be able to see the costs.

As we state pretty much everywhere on our website: every order is custom, so do not hesitate to ask :-). With that being said, you can find a custom size option in every product. So, if you can't find your size on our website, just look for the closest one, then click "Add More Options" to find the checkbox that says "Size Customization", select that option, add the product to your cart, and proceed to checkout if you are done adding all the other required items to your order. Once your comes in, we will contact you by email and request your size requirements. Please note that we won't start your order until we finalize all the details with you, so chin up and just make this ordering process as easy as possible for yourself because you have nothing to worry about :-).

Preprocessing Lead Time – we normally need three business days to create the box mock-ups for your order after payment. The timeframe you would need to review and approve these box mock-ups is entirely at your discretion, but should not exceed 5 business days. However, your order will be placed on our production schedule only after you submit your approval. Also, we would require additional time to process any edits or changes that you may propose

Manufacturing Lead Time – seven to ten business days (summer only), and twenty to twenty-five business days during busy seasons (including Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.)

Delivery Lead Time – five to fifteen business days (depending on your location). Most international orders are usually delivered within 5-15 business days. Some deliveries might take longer due to seasonal workload, customs clearance or other formalities at the destination country’s border. All our deliveries are carried out by the third party shipping company, and they include tracking information. We will submit tracking information to your email address once your order gets shipped. So please, make sure you enter your email address correctly at checkout.

Yes, Fleur Box offers various personalization options. Every order is custom, so do not hesitate to ask. Once you visit our product pages, you will be able to find some personalization options there already. You can also add logo application to your order, just proceed to checkout to find this option. We placed this option at checkout because logo application needs to be purchased for the entire order. You can also order plain boxes or with the additional options available on product pages only.

All orders carry 3D mock-ups that demonstrate what your future boxes with your logo or other artwork on them will look like before mass production. You will first review and approve these 3D mock-ups and provide edits if needed before we submit your order to our production team.

This is a very interesting question. There's no flat rate for logo application because every order is tailored to your specific needs, so the best way to get a quote is to add logo application or combination of logo application options depending on how many impressions / imprints of your logo you would like per each box, and our website will add all associated costs to your order by first showing you all applicable logo application fees. You can then decide whether you want to proceed with logo application or remove it from your order.

A logo plate or a hot foil stamping plate is a piece of special metal resembling a stamp that carries your logo image. We engrave your logo image on top of this metal plate, which is then used to apply your logo to the boxes. We will add two logo plate sizes to your order for the quoted price. If you wish to have more than two logo sizes, depending on the number of box sizes in your cart, please add additional logo plates at the logo application step during checkout.

Each personalized order carrying your logo requires a tooling setup. We install your logo plate on our hot foil stamping machine, align and test it to make sure that your logo reproduces well together with the paper, velvet, leather, fabric or any other cover material that you selected for your boxes.

This is the actual logo application process when we manually apply your logo to the boxes. The more impressions / logo applications i.e. front of the box, front of the lid, top of the lid etc. you select for your order, the higher would be your final logo application costs.

Every custom order will carry a 3D mock-up to help you understand the look and feel of your future boxes. This is a visual of your final product carrying your box size, color and logo, and other options. It is a must-have option as part of every custom order that has logo application. This cannot be excluded from your order, but we can reuse these mock-ups along with the logo plates if you purchase the same boxes on your next order.

Your order may qualify for a product discount of 5% (five percent), 10% (ten percent), 15% (fifteen percent) or even 20% (twenty percent) based on your order quantity and additional options purchased. Our personalized discounts are available upon request in case you order over 1000 boxes at a time. You will be given a code to use in your cart if your order meets our minimum spending requirements. Sometimes we run promotions, and you can use our special if you sign up for our newsletter.

We ship worldwide by air and deliver directly to your doorstep using the most effective, affordable and quickest third-party shipping company available. Every shipment we make comes with a tracking number, so that you can check the status of your delivery at all times.

Our website will calculate your shipping costs automatically based on your location including both the weight and the size (dimensions) of the package to be shipped; that, in turn, depends upon how many boxes you order and the size of those boxes. These costs will appear in your order summary at checkout.

You can do so by getting a product discount from us. However, please leverage your shipping costs by selecting your box sizes wisely. If you need to order some very large boxes, be sure to order smaller boxes which can be placed inside these large ones to help maximize utilization of the shipping space inside each big box that you order. Please, note that the shipping rate will be assessed both on the basis of the real and cubic weight of your parcel(s). Specifically, our shipper accepts protective cardboard boxes (transportation / shipping boxes) of either 80 cm x 55 cm x 55 cm or 100 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm (31.5 in x 21.6 in x 21.6 in or 39.3 in x 19.6 in x 19.6 in), with the weight of one transportation box not to exceed thirty kilograms or 66.14 lbs. If your order cannot be made to fit in a single box within the prescribed weight limit, it will have to be sent in multiple boxes.

If your order cannot be made to fit in a single shipment within the prescribed weight limit, it will have to be sent in multiple shipments / packages. However, every individual shipment will have its dedicated tracking number for you to fully track your packages.

We manufacture and ship out of Russian Federation. Be sure to check our production facility in action on our YouTube Channel.

Yes, we might have some ready-made boxes without any personalizations from time to time. Please check the availability with our customer service if you are interested.

As much as we’d love to provide the best prices we can on the market, we are unable to meet every customer expectation in this regard because we hand make our boxes and only use high-end eco-friendly materials to do that. Manpower resources and timing required to hand make each box are the major price factors. So if you are looking for beautifully crafted, high-quality boxes to represent your brand at the highest level, Fleur Box is the company to go to. However, your order may qualify for a personalized discount when you order in bulk.

You can order a sample to see our product in person and check its quality before submitting a personalized order. However, we only ship pre-made sample boxes. These include a variety of boxes, all in different shapes, styles, colors, and sizes in a quantity of up to 10 pieces. The sample boxes also come with our cover material swatches for you to see the cover materials that we use to make the boxes. Please note that we do not provide custom / personalized samples.

Yes, we do. You can add this option for specific boxes in your order by selecting "Add Custom Color" to your order tab on the applicable product pages. We can print any custom color including marble, floral, art, fashion or other themed / custom color of your choice. After submitting an order that requires this kind of personalization, please, send us your custom color name, code / artwork to [email protected] and specify your order number. If you cannot add this option to your order for some boxes, it means that we don’t support that box type in custom colors yet.

The listed product prices include one item only. These prices do not include additional options such as eyelets, eyelets + ribbons, logo application or shipping costs. Your final order price, including any personalization options you may select and shipping costs, will be reflected as a grand total at checkout. Your grand total is the final price of your order.

Start adding items into your cart by selecting the required boxes, sizes, colors, additional options. Once this is complete, please, proceed to your cart, review your order and go to checkout. Our website will tell you if your cart needs more items in line with our minimum order rules in case you add less than 40 items to your cart.

We can do that for you. Eyelets only, or eyelets and ribbons are available as additional options on the product pages. You can add eyelets only, or you can also add eyelets and ribbons by selecting the boxes which you need these options for in your order. Our eyelets only come in gold or silver colors, so please let us know what eyelet color you would want us to use. However, we will use ribbon colors matching your box colors. You can get your own ribbons locally though, so you can just add eyelets.

In most cases, our returning customers do not have to pay for the mock-up design or logo plates again unless they make changes to their existing logo, its size, or if their order contains some product sizes or personalization that require these services. If you are a returning customer but never ordered any boxes personalized with your artwork, we will charge you all the required logo application fees.

We will submit tracking information once your order gets shipped. Once your shipment has left Russia you are unable to track the shipment. The last status update will be “Processed through facility”. This is an indication that your shipment is on its way to your country. The following tracking update will be “Arrived at the customs of (name of your country)”.

No damaged items are to be compensated by Fleur Box unless you take out the shipping insurance at checkout on our website. You are not necessarily required to buy this insurance because our shipping company makes every effort to deliver our orders safely, but the damages might happen from time to time while your order is in transit. However, you waive any and all compensation rights unless you buy shipping insurance, i.e. you cannot claim any compensation for damages from us if you skip shipping insurance at checkout. Please add shipping insurance to your order if you have any concerns. You will be required to provide a damage report with photos and a video clearly showing the damaged items, and shipping packages with all the original labels and airway bills and other documents on within 7 (seven) days from the moment you receive your order. Please be advised that we do not provide monetary compensation. We will ship replacement items to you within 15 (fifteen) business days – our regular production timeframe, or add a credit to your account for your next order only. Please note that you can choose replacement items, not necessarily a credit on your next order, so we will make the new product within 15 (fifteen) business days and ship it over to you;

International taxes & duties: all applicable customs fees, import taxes or other duties are the sole responsibility of the customer. Customs authorities require that Fleur Box indicates the value of your order directly on the shipping invoice which is attached to your package by the courier. To help our clients quickly process their orders through customs in their destination country with fewer taxes, fees or duties if any at all, Fleur Box will only state a smaller portion of your order value per package on your shipping invoice.

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