Fleur Box Offers New Services for Startups

Fleur Box started out in January of 2014. Like most startups, we were unsure about many things but continued to move forward. It didn’t take too long though until Fleur Box was working with some “big names” like Victoria’s Secret. It wasn’t easy and the going was tough. The good thing about it though, was that as we continued to proceed and make forward progress, we also learned along the way. There is no way to set a monetary value on real hands-on experience. As we continued to follow best practices and grow, soon our small start-up became a well-established industry leader. Now we have a desire to help out other startups and entrepreneurs around the world. To help them develop a good foundation to build a successful business, we decided to offer business consultation services to startups and entrepreneurs.

Why Fleur Box Startup Consultation Services

Over the years, we have learned from our many experiences. We have reaped the benefit from many decisions and learned what not to do from others as well. Our goal as a Fleur Box startup business consultant is to help startups and small businesses avoid some of the costly pitfalls and mistakes we made along the way. Whether a business is just starting out or has been operating for a short time, we want to offer the help needed to ensure the business venture will be successful. We want to make certain each startup or entrepreneur gets rewarded for their investments.

We believe that the best time to get expert help with s business is in the very beginning. Fleur Box consultants want to be there with each step of progress toward realizing the successful reaching of each business goal.


How Will a Fleur Box Startup Business Consultant Help?

Since we’ve been there – done that, we can offer business startups and entrepreneurs help in any area that is needed. We have already helped many of our customers with marketing, packaging design, and product pricing. But we have a lot more to offer! Here are a few of the areas we have the expertise to offer entrepreneurs and startups:

  • Many facets of knowledge and expertise
  • Clarity on crafting business goals and mission statement
  • Research assistance
  • Branding a business in today’s competitive market
  • Designing a unique logo that represents your business
  • Vendor sourcing
  • Graphic design, website design
  • E-commerce strategies
  • Business startup strategies and tips
  • Planning, organizing, and tasks
  • Product development

Startup Consulting Services Custom-Made to Fit Your Need

We understand that as a startup or an entrepreneur you’ve already invested a lot in the business. This includes thought, finances, and time.  Sometimes a business gets started without having established or clearly stated business goals. A Fleur Box startup consultant will meet each business where they are on the journey and help them build out from there. We believe heartily in open communication and will work closely with a business to help answer all questions. Our goal as a business consultant is to provide actionable advice to ensure startups reach their specific goals and objectives.

Our consultants also understand that each business has its own unique circumstances. That’s why we partner with each client by offering you a package that works for them. We will not ask for a long-term contract. We help a business right where they need it and when they need it based on their business setting, budget, and goals.

Benefits of Fleur Box Startup Consulting Services

Most of the time, new ventures do not have the staff to handle many necessary tasks. Setting up these services often requires contracting the work out. As a consultant, Fleur Box can help find reputable vendors for outsourcing. Although our advice is a great resource, we know businesses also need help with specific projects and the execution of important tasks. We are on hand for this and much more. We provide a startup business with value the day we begin consulting services. Some of the benefits a startup may experience includes:

  • Access to expertise and knowledge of business experts.
  • Flexibility in the working relationship – pay and use only the services you need without being locked into a long-term contractual relationship.
  • Assistance and support in the early, very critical stage of a startup.
  • Reduction of risk factors due to the experience and expertise that comes from working with a seasoned industry professional.
  • Expert help in making business decisions to help avoid common mistakes.
  • Fast and reliable professional skills to help with specific tasks.

Fleur Box business consultants create the momentum and movement needed when a business is just getting started. For newly formed businesses, efficiency and overall performance are key. We help create workable solutions that ensure you meet your goals including production, efficiency, and profitability. Consultants work diligently to ensure you obtain the proper certifications. We also make sure you meet all regulatory requirements. We set a startup up for success on every level from opening bank accounts to obtaining toll-free numbers and providing an industry overview to assisting with logo design and everything in between. Our goal is to provide startups with the momentum they need to carry them into a successful future.

Why Should You Choose to Work with Fleur Box Startup Consultants?

Fleur Box is presently a full-service gift box manufacturing company. We worked our way here from the bottom, quite literally. About a decade ago we started out as a startup just like you. We know how hard it is and just what it takes to make it in the industry. Over time, we’ve helped many entrepreneurs and companies get started and build successful businesses. Whether you want to grow a flower or gift business, we have the experience you can draw on.

We know how hard it is when you are a business starting out. That’s why we don’t require a long-term contract. Instead, we offer a simple pre-paid agreement. Let us know when you are ready to get started!

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