Niche Flower Box Manufacturer – Luxury Floral Design In All Its Splendor

Niche Flower Box Manufacturer – Luxury Floral Design In All Its Splendor

What is Fleur Box? We are a niche flower box manufacturer. All our employees have been trained to hand assemble gift boxes to ensure the highest quality. We are a box brand, niche flower box manufacturer, recognized in many countries around the world. Our product range includes an impressive selection of speciality flower and gift boxes.

Fleur Box first started its operations 5 years ago as a small packaging company. We’ve expanded significantly on a global scale in the recent years and currently officially supply our products to the leading flower brands and event management companies in Great Britain, United States, Canada, Australia, European Union, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Israel, South Korea and a number of other countries around the world. Fleur Box is well-recognized, and it enjoys boundless love of their customers.

What makes Fleur Box so unique as a flower box manufacturer? Why are our products considered to be a model of good taste by wedding designers, the florists’, gift item, baking and catering industries? It is not only the high quality, superior workmanship, selection of box designs and the heart and soul that we put into the making of our products. It is the reliability and individually tailored approach for each and every customer, no matter how big or small of a company they may be.

Some of our customer say that our products are a real piece of art, and this is what defines Fleur Box as a niche flower box manufacturer. Our concept is to deliver unprecedented gifting experiences and to bring excitement, style and elegance that speak louder than words.

How do we do it? Our success is woven out of our ultimate love towards what we do. Gorgeous bouquets or top-end gifts beautifully packaged in elegant boxes of different shapes, sizes and colors that are perfectly suited to one another in all respects.

They say our gift boxes amaze with their sophistication and harmony. A flower arrangement tuned up with any of those boxes looks totally luxurious. They complement each bouquet so successfully that it becomes hard to imagine flowers and boxes separately.

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