Flower & Gift Boxes by Fleur Box. Contrasts in Floral Packaging.

Flower & Gift Boxes by Fleur Box. Contrasts in Floral Packaging.

Flower boxes Gift Boxes Fleur Box are not just for preserving a bouquet until it is given. It is also a way of highlighting the bouquet’s most striking aspects, of dressing it up. Indeed we’re sure you’ll agree, that a mass of rose heads peeping out of Flower boxes, Gift Boxes, Fleur Box, tied with a satin ribbon, is simply worlds apart aesthetically from that of an armful of roses, haphazardly wrapped in cellophane!

It’s amazing just how one and the same flower can look completely different when the same kinds are placed next to each other in Flower boxes, Gift Boxes, Fleur Box of varying styles and colour combinations.

Take a look at the photo: pictured is a floral arrangement in Flower boxes, Gift Boxes, Fleur Box which Fleur Box created for a customer in Switzerland. Just look at how distinct the two arrangements are! You can a black round box: in this box the bright yellow roses take on an ethereal, pure quality. For those who might have fallen for someone, but are a little shy about telling them, this bouquet is the perfect way to make their true feelings known. The arrangement gives off a different air entirely! Flirting, secrets, intrigue are what bright yellow roses allude to but this isn’t about love of the first kind; oh no, here we’re talking about love that burns with desire! Surprising yet true, isn’t it?

It becomes clear that playing with contrast can be inspiring not just in life and art, but even in the flower business. Fleur Box can also create any type of box to suit your needs – which will surprise and delight you and your customers alike!

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