Flower Gift Boxes – is a bouquet more than just a bunch of flowers put together?

Flower Gift Boxes – is a bouquet more that just a bunch of flowers put together?

What kind of meaning does a bouquet convey? What does it tell us? Usually it’s a present meant to express respect, love or gratitude. A bouquet can often embellish an interior – a room in your apartment, an office, a store, a hotel room… A bouquet of live flowers radiates natural energy – and that energy is infectious, touching everyone nearby, infusing the space with its inimitable fragrance. A bouquet, in a word, is an infallible way to create a positive mood, bring a place to life. And there’s another little detail – Flower Gift Boxes – that can’t be ignored – the way flowers are wrapped and presented is one of the most powerful factors in the image of a bouquet.

Pictured are flower gift boxes designed by Fleur Box for a customer England. The flowers here are a complete happening all by themselves – tender white roses celebrate the birth of a son as romantic red blooms become a declaration of the giver’s passion for his beloved.

An elegantly packaged bouquet is always a good deal more than just the flowers. It’s a kind of symbol, a sign, one received with pride by the woman to whom they are given.

Our flower gift boxes come in many colors, sizes and forms. They can bear a florist’s logo or a custom print; they can be made with titles or phrases to celebrate important events; they may be tied with ribbons or a decorative rope; in a word, flower gift boxes can be anything you can imagine. And that they make any bouquet become what it really is: the perfect expression of our feelings.

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