More and more, gift boxes, are common currency in larger florist’s establishments

Smart, elegant packaging means a great deal

More and more, gift boxes, are common currency in larger florist’s establishments and in smaller shops, too. Smart, elegant packaging means a great deal, both for those who buy your flowers or gifts, and for the people they buy them for. A beautifully presented bouquet, accessory or gift item, after all, can change everything, raising spirits and making everything around it shine. Stylish gift boxes are a real find. Their look will catch your client’s attention: a box like that immediately suggests an impressive surprise for someone special.

Gift boxes are ideal for long-distance travel. Do not overlook the quality materials, delicate satin ribbons, and gold and silver eyelets, when it comes to high-end gift packaging. Our gift boxes come with a range of additional features to choose from: for example, with your company logo, with a printed signature or an elegant pattern. We offer a range of paper, velvet, faux leather fabric types with various striking, imaginative effects in addition to a whole range of color ways and designs to make personalized flower boxes reflect your company and your brand.

The right choice for a flower shop

Gift boxes are the right choice for any business that uses packaging boxes, aiming to set itself apart and establish an individual reputation as an exclusive establishment. Even after the flowers or gift items have eventually been taken out, people usually want to keep these gift boxes around. They use them to store all kinds of little personal items. And if you’ve had your gift boxes made to order, with your logo or trademark on them, the box, redolent with the memory of a brilliant bouquet and the emotion it evoked, will keep your name before their eyes for a long, long time to come. What better advertising could a company want? Try the best in Fleur Box’s gift box selection.

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