White Hat Boxes: Luxury & Simplicity

White Hat Boxes Boxes: Luxury & Simplicity

Many florists order our flower hat boxes in bright saturated colors. However, flower boxes in white still remain that classic choice that never goes out of style. The white color is a symbol of innocence, purity, freshness, and joy. It is associated with sunlight. It makes you feel festive. The energy of white color fills the room with beauty and solemnity.

See how fabulous bouquets look in those white hat boxes that we manufactured for a customer in French Riviera (Côte d’Azur)! The white color ennobles those bouquets, it makes them more vivid and beautiful. The company’s logo applied in gold adds value to the product.

The combination of white & gold colors brings a piece of luxury and lightness. Unfading, eye-catching classics… Delicate tulips, proud roses, gorgeous hydrangeas: all these flowers exquisitely packed in a stylish white round box will make your customer’s day.

There are occasions that require our ingenuity and attention when it comes to gifts and presents. However, we believe in the value of sharing the love for your close ones on ordinary days. It is for these special moments that our flower hat boxes come in handy.

In our Portfolio Highlights, we will be sharing practical advice through our customers’ images so that you can pick a flower box that best suits your requirements. You can choose a combination of colors so you can offer the solution to your customers.

Well-established wedding agencies or florists will find it helpful to know that we offer logo, text and artwork application option for our products. Learn how to get the most profit out of your business with custom-made gift boxes, raise brand awareness and reliability, trust and respect of your customers and their appreciation for your unusual ideas and assistance in decorating their gifts.

We have a decent experience of how hat boxes can be used in flower business, and are willing to gladly share it with you.

Stay up to date with our news and do not miss the opportunity to try all the advantages of long-lasting and fruitful cooperation with Fleur Box.

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