Heart Shaped Boxes for Preserved Roses

Heart Shaped Boxes for Preserved Roses

Nature around us is permeated by barely noticeable sounds. Not everyone can discern them: one most possess an instinctive flair, which allows for the beautiful to be sensed and noticed. When we are given a bouquet, this feeling is amplified; the very joy of receiving a wonderful gift containing the hidden pleasures of the pure, soulful music of flowers in Heart Shaped Boxes.

So, in order to ensure this perfect, otherworldly exquisite preserved rose arrangement packs the necessary punch, the bouquets are placed in heart shaped boxes.

You can order heart shaped boxes from Fleur Box. Just on the image below to go to the heart shaped boxes page on our website or browse the complete range of boxes.

Years spent working in the flower box business has taught us how to unmistakably discern the music of flowers and foster its creation. Heart shaped boxes aren’t just about adding an additional feature to the bouquet. Heart Shaped Boxes also make it more expressive, appealing, accents its natural beauty, and helps to convey the full scale of sounds, given off by the floral arrangement. Our boxes help everyone experience a floral symphony and share it with loved ones!

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Heart Shaped Boxes for Preserved Roses