How to Pack an Expensive Underwear or Lingerie Gift Box

You just bought the perfect, beautiful lingerie for your significant other, and you can’t wait to give it to her. Did you know that how it is presented has just as big of an impact as the gift? You don’t want to toss expensive undies or a lace chemise in any old box. It’s got to be packed just right. Here are a few tips for packing a lingerie gift box.

Basics of Preparing a Lingerie Gift Box

You’ll want to choose a lingerie gift box that matches as closely as possible. Placing the lingerie on the tissue inside the box can make it look magical and romantic. Tissue paper is not only inexpensive but comes in a variety of colors. You can combine two or more solid colors. Or perhaps, you would prefer a print with solid colors. Just choose a shade that complements the lingerie, and then use plenty of it to line the gift box.

Make sure to arrange the lingerie prettily in the gift box. Then, fold the excess tissue paper over it. Add a finishing touch with a silver or gold foil sticker or a pretty ribbon.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Lingerie Gift Box

Here are a few tips to help you coordinate the gift box and tissue paper with the lingerie.

  • Go for the Glam! If you want to go for a glamorous look, try gold, silver, or pearlized tissues and lingerie gift boxes.
  • Feminine Themes. Do you know her favorite color? Go for colors that incorporate a feminine theme. Think about soft floral patterns, for example.
  • Stay Traditional. If you want to stick with more traditional lingerie wrapping colors, try lilac and lavender, pale silver, pale pink, or baby blue.
  • Bold and Beautiful. If you know she likes bold colors, don’t be afraid of richer tones like royal purple or deep velvet red.

Make the Lingerie Gift Box Even More Special

If you want to make the gift of lingerie even more special, use a little imagination and a lot of heart. Think outside the box just a little, or color outside the lines. Here are a few ideas of ways to make the gift a bit more special.

  • Slip in a few favorite candies or chocolate truffles
  • Include a small stuffed animal
  • Make it more magical by including a music box that plays her favorite romantic song
  • Add a gift certificate to a luxury day spa
  • Add a piece of jewelry (bracelet, earrings, pendant necklace)
  • If you know her favorite perfume, place a small bottle in with the lingerie
  • Small bottles of bubble bath or body lotion are a nice touch

What to Avoid When Wrapping Lingerie

Here are a few tips on the things to avoid when you are preparing a lingerie gift box, especially if you want it to be special!

  • Don’t use left over or previously used wrapping paper
  • Avoid wrapping the lingerie in something plain like a plastic bag
  • Before preparing the gift, remove the lingerie from the bag it came in
  • Don’t use brown paper bags

Remember how you present the gift can make a lasting memory. These dos and don’ts will help ensure you give your loved one the best experience ever.





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