Inspiration from the Most Iconic Bespoke Packaging Designs in the Fashion Industry

Designing modern packaging has unique challenges. While it’s always been important, over the last few years it has increased due to the emergence of subscription boxes as well as the growth of the e-commerce industry. Box designs have turned into works of art. Packaging communicates and astonishes the customer. The box unpacking experience must be emphasized. What better place to get inspiration for your own packaging designs than some of the most iconic bespoke packaging designs?

Iconic Bespoke Packaging in the Fashion World

If you take a minute to think about a product and how textures, colors, and composition can impact how you feel about it, you’ll realize that the packaging experience is no different. Chances are that if the logo was covered up on some of the most iconic bespoke fashion packaging, you’d still be able to instantly recognize their brand. That’s how you know it’s truly an iconic bespoke packaging design. These are irrefutably recognizable:

  • Tiffany’s blue box
  • Gucci’s sustainable – but very stylish packaging
  • Louis Vuitton’s elegantly imperial packaging
  • Chanel’s one-of-a-kind Parisian packaging
  • Burberry’s cherished gift bags.

How you can create your own bespoke packaging designs for clothing

Branding is not just about you. It represents your business, values, and also your ideas. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you design bespoke packaging.

  • What makes your brand unique?
  • What do you do better than your competitors?
  • Do you use higher-quality materials?
  • Are you more environmentally friendly?
  • Are your clothing items the best value in their price range?
  • You are not selling to yourself, what does your ideal customer look like?

Don’t sell to the wrong customers

No single piece of clothing fits everyone’s taste and preference. Gear your bespoke packaging creation toward the right audience. You want to reach customers by using packaging that communicates your values. Branding helps you connect with those who like what you do. Your clothing line will best fit their personal style. Use everything you can labels, hang tags, and packaging boxes to appeal to your target customers.

Use Clothing Packaging to Evoke an Emotional Response

We all have emotional attachments to the fashion products we purchase. This emotional attachment is truer for fashion than for any other industry. What we wear is part of our identity and personal style. Our choice of clothing helps define how we see ourselves as well as how we desire others to see us. Our outfits are often based on our emotional choices. The best bespoke packaging for clothing will make your brand more recognizable and strengthen the connection with your brand and your customers.

Use Bespoke Clothing Packaging to Attract Attention

The fashion industry is all about looks. Every detail is noticed. Customers want to touch items and examine seams, pockets, and buttons. Custom packaging design for the fashion industry is the extra touch that commands customers’ attention. Of course, you want it to represent your brand, but packaging also needs to be high-quality and command attention. Think back about the iconic bespoke packaging mentioned earlier in this post – not only do you recognize it, but it speaks to you in a unique way. Your packaging should communicate to your customers the same way.

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