Expected luxury cardboard flower boxes, packaging trends

Expected luxury cardboard flower boxes, packaging trends

Fleur Box went global in the ever-dynamic packaging industry in 2014. We offered our services to small, medium and giant enterprises, ensuring niche-befitting and business-suitable luxury cardboard flower boxes, packaging designs for each client.

New Concepts & Trends

New concepts and trends must file out constantly from expert minds. Our specialists expect the next few years to be dominated by the following luxury cardboard flower boxes, packaging trends. They are definitely worth the anticipation.

Environmentally-friendly solutions:

More consumers are starting to seek out environmentally conscious manufacturers. In 2019, it will be a more concrete and result-oriented measure to incorporate these environmental safety policies directly into packaging design. This will ensure massive conservation of labor, cost, and productivity. Governments all around the world are gradually putting several policies in place, to favor these industrial actions for the benefit of the environment and mankind.


When it comes to successful marketing and presentation of a product, the cardboard flower box, packaging is everything and more. A good product in a bad box won’t get as much love as a good product in a good box. It leaves a strong influence on the customer, and it elevates the brand to a highly-esteemed pedestal.

Feel free to go through our Portfolio Highlights and learn some more tips on how to package your way to the top.

Suitably-sized packaging

Despite the fact that packaging is an important aspect of marketing, it’s important not to be deceptive. Amazon recently came under heavy criticism for packaging a tiny product in an oversized box. 2019 will see suitably-sized, efficient and sufficient cardboard flower box, packaging trends passing the message of the products and brands across more effectively.

Expansion of E-commerce

Online shopping is gradually taking over the world of commerce. Flower companies who market online will have to seek better packaging options as a marketing strategy to improve their customer experience. Products that are to be shipped across the country and worldwide will have to be packaged adequately for preservation and protection.

Domination of contemporary designs

Manufacturers can increase their range of customers in the next few years with trendy packaging. Contemporary ideas and concepts coming to play on cardboard flower boxes, packaging designs are a great way to entice retail consumers, especially the younger generation.

With these five sure tips above, you’ll definitely be for-armed on how to re-energize your brand and keep your consumers riveted with suitable packaging solutions for upcoming years.

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