Flower Boxes – Luxury Packaging by Fleur Box

Luxury Flower Boxes – Custom Packaging by Fleur Box

Beautiful bouquets placed in custom luxury flower boxes whose radiance and perfection you can delight in for years. Does such a thing exist? It might be hard to believe, but in fact, it does.

Just what are preserved flowers? The process can also be referred to as conservation. They replace plant sap with a glycerin solution. As a result, your flowers will keep for a minimum of 5 years and look as if you picked them only yesterday. Extend their life by packaging them in Luxury Rose Boxes.

Natural and Real Appearance

Preserved flowers in these luxury rose boxes don’t look anything like dried flowers. What’s more, they’re certainly nothing like lifeless artificial bouquets because these flowers keep their natural and real appearance. They don’t need all that much looking after. Whatever the occasion, when it comes to the choice of flower, roses have always reigned supreme.  They’re a fantastic complement to any interior because they lend both a royal yet delicate touch to any room. Preserved roses in custom Luxury Flower Boxes can bring something really different to your offering, giving you a real edge compared with other florists.

Is there a better way to decorate your home or office?

Fleur Box offers high-quality Luxury Rose Boxes for your preserved flowers, which will make the perfect gift. Is there a better way to decorate your home?

We hand make a wide assortment of flower boxes to choose from. You can also add personalization to get one of a kind gift packaging boxes, including logo application and so much more. Just place an order using our website.

Find the best in a wide assortment of Luxury Rose Boxes by Fleur Box. Add any personalization: your logo, ribbons, eyelets or a custom color.

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