General Information

General Information

Find out what to expect when you place an order with Fleur Box.

Note: all our boxes are hand made to order. We don’t stock any boxes except for these samples. Therefore, please, note that there’s a production timeframe required to complete each order.

Our website includes a presentation of our standard styles, shapes, sizes, colors and cover materials that we use to manufacture our flower and gift boxes, bags, cones or other types of packaging solutions. You can view our prices in your local currency if it is supported by our website. If it is not supported by our website, all our prices will be shown in US Dollars by default. You can choose to see our prices in the currency you prefer by clicking on the “Currency” icon in the sidebar menu on your right or at the bottom of our website if you are browsing from your mobile device. You can see our box sizes in centimeters or inches by clicking on the centimeters / inches converter next to the product name.

We’ve implemented many cool features to ensure high-quality user experience for our customers such as logo application, eyelets, ribbons, custom prints and other personalization options. You can add these options to your order using our Magic Tabs at checkout. We’ve also implemented a shipping calculator at checkout that will add shipping costs to your order automatically based on your destination country. Your shipping costs are determined by both the weight and the size (dimensions) of the package to be shipped; that, in turn, depends upon how many boxes you order and the size of those boxes.

How to get a personalized quote

Our website has been configured to comply with our minimum order rules. In order to get a quote, please, choose your box size or box sizes, then add them to your cart by first selecting color or colors. Color selection for our boxes comes in circles filled with colors that correspond to the chart available on Cover Materials page. Hover over the color icon / circle to bring up the color name. Be sure to add at least forty (40) boxes to your cart (this can be a mixed batch of 40 boxes, meaning that you can order a variety of boxes in your order of 40), as this is the minimum permissible quantity that you need to have in your cart in order to proceed to checkout. Our minimum order per size and color is five (5), ten (10) and, in certain cases, fifteen (15) boxes. Adjust your cart quantities in increments of 5, 10 or 15 boxes per size and color if necessary. Complete your order at checkout by filling out the required fields. You need to enter your shipping information in Enter your shipping information tab to place your order. If you choose to pay via direct bank transfer, one of our employees will get back to you with payment instructions and bank details once you place your order. Our website will automatically create an account on our website for you that you can use to access all your orders, update shipping and billing information and place your orders without filling out your personal details again in the future. It is your responsibility to keep your shipping and billing information up to date. If this information was changed at any point in time, please, log into your account on My account page, go to Addresses and click on Edit to update your shipping information and / or other details.

We accept direct bank wire transfers, PayPal and Credit / Debit Card Payments. You can find our payment options at checkout and select the most suitable one for you. Please, note that we do not accept Western Union or MoneyGram transfers.

Logo Application & Product Add-ons

Artwork application or other product add-ons such as ribbon eyelets i.e. metal framed holes to attach ribbons, handles, and / or other customizations will be included in the item price only if you add these extras at checkout. These are not included in the box price by default. Please, use our Magic Tabs at checkout to add personalization options to your order. We don’t allow file uploads from our website for security reasons so please, email us a copy of your artwork/logos to [email protected] if you place a personalized order. This is not necessary for plain box orders. Such orders will be placed on our production schedule immediately once paid for and shipped out to you once completed.

A one-time logo/graphics setup fee and application charge is applicable to the entire order. After placing your order, please send us your graphics/artwork/logo to [email protected] as described above.

Please, note that we use hot foil stamping plates to apply your logo on our boxes. These plates are made of special metal and cannot be resized once they are made. To keep your costs down, our website adds only one plate size to your order which is normally enough depending on your box sizes, but we can make additional logo plate sizes if you want your logo to be bigger on bigger boxes or smaller on smaller boxes at an extra fee. This is a one time fee. These metal logo plates can then be used for as many as 3000-4000 boxes. Vector artwork service, 3D mockup design, tooling set-up or logo application are NOT included in the listed item price. Click on Add logo application tab at checkout to add these options to your order.

To speed up the processing of your orders, please submit camera-ready artwork. Camera-ready artwork means a high-contrast black-and-white file that contains no overlays, grey or fuzzy areas, bearing sharp, precisely-defined edges and outlines, production-ready. We recommend submitting vector graphics so we can easily resize the graphics to fit the engraving area.

We accept digital Camera-Ready graphics media Electronic files conforming to the following requirements:

  1. .CDR, .AI, .EPS file formats
  2. Vector graphics
  3. High-contrast black and white files, containing no gray or fuzzy areas, bearing sharp, precisely-defined edges and outlines.

Some thin lines and reverses may not reproduce at the thickness or size submitted. We reserve the right to make slight alterations in artwork, text and logos in order to adapt them for the hot foil stamping process. Submitted artwork and logos are presumed to be in full compliance with trademark and copyright laws.

We use three logo application methods: hot foil stamping, screen printing, and digital printing. Application methods vary depending on the covering material properties. For example, a hot foil stamped logo is the only option for velvet boxes. Digital printing can be used for light-colored boxes and full hd images and so forth. However, hot foil stamping, in any event, is versatile – it is an effective method good for all covering materials. In addition, hot foil stamping gives your boxes a luxurious and high-class look.

Due to the manufacturing specifics, your logo may be positioned with an invisible deviation on the final product depending on the application area as compared to the position shown on the 3D mock-ups. The final output may and/or may not slightly vary because we apply water-based glue to the paper, velvet, faux leather or other covers. This is all due to the fact that we hand make your boxes. This is for information purposes only.

Additional Customizations

We always like to listen to our customers and do the best we can to meet or even exceed their expectations. Therefore, if you have any specific customization requests – pattern/print applications, specific dimension requirements for your flower and gift boxes, or any other requests, please let us know so we can provide you with all the necessary details.

Lead Time

Preprocessing Lead Time – we normally need three business days to create box mockups for your order after payment. The timeframe you would need to review and approve these box mockups is entirely at your discretion but should not exceed 5 business days. However, your order will be placed on our production schedule only after you submit your approval of these mockups. Also, we would require additional time to process any edits or changes that you may propose

Manufacturing Lead Time – seven to ten business days (summer time only), and twenty to twenty-five business days during busy seasons (including Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.)

Delivery Lead Time – five to fifteen business days (depending on your location). Most international orders are usually delivered within 5-15 business days. Some deliveries might take longer due to seasonal workload, customs clearance or other formalities at the destination country. All our deliveries are carried out by the third party shipping company, and they include tracking information. We will submit tracking information to your email address once your order gets shipped. So please, make sure you enter your email address correctly at checkout.


Your order may qualify for a discount of 5% or 10% or even 15% depending on the number of boxes you wish to order. All orders of over 1000 boxes are subject to negotiation and will be discounted on a case by case basis. Please, request a coupon code and use it at checkout to get our personalized discount.


The prices shown on our website may include one item only or a group of items depending on the type of products.

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