Our Story

Our Story

Great packaging translates to uniqueness on a whole new level


Hello everyone,
Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Yuriy. I am the owner of Fleur Box. To cut the long story short, here’s how I created Fleur Box. It will help you get a better understating about my company. Happy reading!

How it all started

I’ve always had a strong thing for flowers. They never fail to leave me wondering, “How can something be so delicate and fragile, and yet so beautiful and attractive?” Roses, especially, appeal to my senses in a cosmic way. It was basically my engulfing love of flowers that set the idea of Fleur Box in motion. If I hadn’t been admiring them at the shops that day, the realities wouldn’t have hit me.

Attractive packaging

I’m also a person who pays special attention to attractive packaging while buying items, especially gifts. As a kid, it was funny how I always took special time to make nice cardboard boxes with covers and ribbons, all so I could gift my cousins with lollipops on their birthdays. I love to package beautifully. The first part of a nicely presented product, in my opinion, is the packaging. Great packaging translates to uniqueness on a whole new level.

A day to remember…

The evening sun has a glorifying way of highlighting colors and soft shades. I was walking through a row of flower shops, admiring the outburst of beauty from each shop. It was a time in my life when I was seeking to carve out a solid niche for myself and plant my two feet firmly in the sands of time.

I couldn’t help but notice the baskets and wooden boxes the flowers were retailed in. Other times, they are together and bundled in cellophane. It struck me then, at that exact moment. The idea of Fleur Box took root, and it never went away.

A core element of any business

I thought to myself, “What if flower shops could retail their wares in lovely boxes with their business logos on it?” Packaging is a core element of any business, be it big, medium, or small. Not only would the boxes make the flowers more attractive, but they’ll also offer more publicity to the retailer. Small business owners don’t usually see the need to own a trademark or at least, a logo. Logos aren’t just for the commercial giants. If you trace back, you’ll discover that they were once small business too. Amazon started in a garage decades ago.

Natural resources

I also cringed when I thought about the wastage of natural resources these flower shops were inciting. People don’t waste any time to improperly dispose of the tissue paper and non-decomposable cellophane that hold the flowers together. No one has the energy to worry about recycling such light materials, but as light as they are, they are still hazards to the environment. I’m an environmentally conscious person. Keeping the planet safe is a priority to me. I wasn’t surprised when I found myself thinking about working out my new idea with eco-friendly provisions. I wasn’t about to worsen the global situation. I believed that another strong impact my idea would make would be on the environment. My company would do its best to protect it and reduce the harm posed to it on a daily basis.

A dream of mine…

It’s been a dream of mine to see Russian factories do away with cellophane packaging completely. I’m glad they are slowly starting to adopt factory regulation laws that will set the bans on these items in no distant time. The western world is more enlightened on that facet of industrialization. I feel terrible each time I improperly dispose of cellophane from any product I purchase in my country. It’s such a shame that we have to waste natural resources that way and aptly pollute the environment.

Beauty, durability, and reusability

As I walked on, I was mentally mapping out the objectives I would set in my place for my company. Beauty, durability, and reusability are three of the most important things that make a quality packaging solution. People don’t fancy throwing away beautiful things. One of the reasons why no one gives second thoughts to cellophane is that it’s unattractive. If you put flowers in a beautifully designed and sweetly decorated box, customers won’t be buying just the flowers. They are also buying the packaging. If they’re not going to dispose of the box, they’ll be sure to keep it and re-use it at home or in their workplaces. The flowers will wither at some point, and due to the attractive design of the box, the owners would eagerly put it to another use.

Eco-friendly packaging

I knew one thing for certain; my company would definitely produce eco-friendly packaging solutions. I was already sure that a great majority of the materials we would use for production would be decomposable, recyclable, and reusable. The environment must be protected from hazards at all times. If people decide to dispose of the boxes, there’s no problem. The cardboard material is decomposable. If the box purchased has plastic components or a non-biodegradable material, they’ll be encouraged on the box label to recycle. I was certain that my company would design such lovely and attractive boxes that no one would want to dispose of them.

Trendy packaging

Five years ago, flower boxes weren’t that trendy. Everyone just used baskets and cellophane. Fleur Box helped popularize the concept all over the world. We’ve grown tremendously, and our wings are still spreading wide and far.

Good quality doesn’t come cheap

It’s true that our boxes are a little costlier than most. However, it’s also true that good quality doesn’t come cheap. We make boxes that are so nice and durable, no one ever wants to dispose of them. Using the best-trained personnel, the most premium imported cardboard and cover materials, and special gluing technology, we make the most durable flower and gift boxes in the packaging industry, and we ship worldwide to clients wherever they are. Business owners don’t have to worry about contracting graphic designers to print their logos on the boxes after we’ve delivered. We have provisions for logo printing in our company.

Fleur Box has come a long way, putting smiles across the faces of flower lovers worldwide.

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