Our Vision

Our Vision

Our distinct purpose is to stand out as the most reliable and trustworthy packaging company in the world.

Our vision

Fleur Box aims to be the world’s number one gift box factory. Our distinct purpose is to stand out as the most reliable and trustworthy packaging company in the world, in the nearest future. We aim to be recognized as an environmentally conscious brand that strives to produce quality packages using eco-friendly materials and top-notch operational expertise. Total customer satisfaction is our watchword. We want to champion the packaging industry by setting standards worthy of emulation through our ethical values and production techniques. We have the vision to work in liaison with several global commercial giants and online markets, alongside large, medium and small enterprises based all over the world.

Fleur Box aims to have a wide and accessible range of products, with little or no limitations to our output power. We have the ultimate goal to create strong awareness through our services, helping business owners and entrepreneurs understand the value of high quality packaging to their business growth.

Our mission

Fleur Box is a mission-driven, goal-oriented company with a passion to deliver only the best services to our clients in any part of the world. We aim to achieve our goals while working under the confines and stipulations of the law and also setting high standards for our competitions in the packaging industry. Our missions are:

  • To provide high-quality flower and gift boxes made with handcrafted premium European materials. We aim to supply all our customers packages made with the best high-end cover materials, all handpicked from eco-friendly foreign suppliers.
  • To ensure the safety of the general environment by using only recyclable and biodegradable materials for our production. We aim to be recognized as one of the world’s most environmentally conscious business brands. We work hard to encourage all our clients to properly dispose of the reusable materials from their boxes. Most of our cardboard materials are decomposable and pose no harm to the immediate environment. We use materials that are not harmful to both the health and general wellbeing of people and livestock.
  • To always recruit only the most intensely trained personnel to handle the handcrafting of our boxes. They are trained to handle cardboard, plastic, and leather materials with care and special attention. They utilize a special gluing technology in the assembling of these boxes to ensure the maximum durability of the edges. We aim to provide our clients with boxes manufactured with superior workmanship, alongside the perfection of each detail in their chosen design.
  • To ensure the safe and fast shipping of all our products worldwide. Fleur Box uses only the most reliable, the fastest and the most trustworthy courier services to ship all around the world. We also aim to ensure that all our boxes are safely packaged and secured for transportation. We have policies in place to gratify our customers upon any damage to the boxes while on transit. We provide them with additional items upon their next order, or we give them a discount based on the number of boxes that were damaged. Our mission is to ensure that all our products arrive safely to their destinations without any hitches, disappointments or delays.
  • To build a strong connection of trust with all our clients on payment policies and mediums. Due to the high rate of con artists and internet scammers in the world today, we enlist all our clients to make their payments through the globally recognized and trusted payment platform, PayPal. Any brand that enjoins its clients to make payments through PayPal has only the best interests of their customers at heart. We are a solid enterprise with a strong reputation to uphold in the commercial industry. Our mission is to ensure that our clients have no doubts of credibility when making payments to us.

Packaging is a core element of customer attraction in the world of commerce. Good products with bad packaging don’t get as much attention as good products with attractive packaging. The design on a product package doesn’t serve to only inform the customer about the product, but it works as an attraction gimmick when a wide range of products are on display. Efficient packaging attracts customers in large numbers and leaves a lasting impression on their minds if they decide to check out other products. They’ll always find their tracks back to the uniquely packaged products. Most of the time, quality packaging connotes high product quality.

Fleur Box produces beautiful, attractive, enticing, and unique packaging solutions to suit the specific needs of all our clients.

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