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Paper Covered Clear Oval Boxes, Regular Lids

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Frequently Asked

Every order is custom, don’t hesitate to drop
us a line if you have any questions

Our website has been configured to comply with our minimum order rules, so it will help you place an order in line with our requirements at every step of the way. However, please, note our minimum order is as little as 40 boxes. You can order a mixture of different styles within this minimum order because our minimum order per size and color is just 5 boxes.

Our product prices do not include logo application. All personalization options are at an extra fee because some customers don't necessarily need personalized boxes. There are some customers who prefer plain boxes, so it would be unfair to add personalization fees to the listed product prices in this case. Please add logo application to your order at checkout to be able to see the costs.

As we state pretty much everywhere on our website: every order is custom, so do not hesitate to ask :-). With that being said, you can find a custom size option in every product. So, if you can't find your size on our website, just look for the closest one, then click "Add More Options" to find the checkbox that says "Size Customization", select that option, add the product to your cart, and proceed to checkout if you are done adding all the other required items to your order. Once your comes in, we will contact you by email and request your size requirements. Please note that we won't start your order until we finalize all the details with you, so chin up and just make this ordering process as easy as possible for yourself because you have nothing to worry about :-).

Preprocessing Lead Time – we normally need three business days to create the box mock-ups for your order after payment. The timeframe you would need to review and approve these box mock-ups is entirely at your discretion, but should not exceed 5 business days. However, your order will be placed on our production schedule only after you submit your approval. Also, we would require additional time to process any edits or changes that you may propose

Manufacturing Lead Time – seven to ten business days (summer only), and twenty to twenty-five business days during busy seasons (including Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.)

Delivery Lead Time – five to fifteen business days (depending on your location). Most international orders are usually delivered within 5-15 business days. Some deliveries might take longer due to seasonal workload, customs clearance or other formalities at the destination country’s border. All our deliveries are carried out by the third party shipping company, and they include tracking information. We will submit tracking information to your email address once your order gets shipped. So please, make sure you enter your email address correctly at checkout.

Yes, Fleur Box offers various personalization options. Every order is custom, so do not hesitate to ask. Once you visit our product pages, you will be able to find some personalization options there already. You can also add logo application to your order, just proceed to checkout to find this option. We placed this option at checkout because logo application needs to be purchased for the entire order. You can also order plain boxes or with the additional options available on product pages only.

All our boxes are handmade by a team of highly qualified specialists

All our boxes are handmade by a team of highly qualified specialists


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