Rose Boxes & a little on the Queen of Flowers – The Rose

Rose Boxes & A little on the Queen of Flowers – The Rose

Rose Boxes & A little on the Queen of Flowers – The Rose

The rose is a real queen of flowers, but not everyone is able to see its true colours from afar: people often don’t take much notice of the energy this flower radiates from within, and as such roses get plonked indifferently into vases without people batting an eyelid. Yet it’s common knowledge that since time immemorial, the rose has been an object of admiration, and for millions of years many have been beguiled and enchanted by it.  Hailing from California, Roseshire isn’t your average florist. In seeking to capture and preserve the inimitable beauty and perfection of the rose, Roseshire decided to immerse itself in the story of the rose and convey to people the true essence of this marvellous flower – portrayed as so fragile on the one hand – and on the other, as oozing with passion.  In recent years, the rose’s true essence has tended to be overlooked in favour of its commercial associations: its refined beauty is no secret to both vendors and buyers alike, who have turned it into a soulless commercial object. Roseshire with all its heart wants to revive the cultural significance of the rose, to restore the reverence toward it and to revive it as a symbol of beauty and love, just like in previous ages.

The boutique sells roses. But they aren’t just roses; every one of them has its own story, its own scent, and you can feel it with all your soul when a rose opens up to greet you. Roseshire rose boxes are as unique as their flowers: they are rectangular-shaped rose boxes allowing the roses to be easily laid inside, ready to bring people joy, surprise and delight. Each stem is individually packaged in a special capsule, for ease of transportation as well as to ensure the flowers last longer.  Roseshire rose boxes also come with detailed care instructions for the roses.  The stylish and elegant design of each rose box, the practical format and discreet inscription: it’s precisely these touches that make the roses stand out, enhancing their beauty.  Receiving flowers from Roseshire isn’t just a lovely surprise, it’s one that comes shrouded in an invigorating, fresh aroma – something you’ll wish would stay forever.

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Rose Boxes & A little on the Queen of Flowers – The Rose