Acrylic Square Boxes, Acrylic Rose Boxes, Acrylic Cube Boxes

Acrylic square boxes, acrylic flower boxes are ideal for preserved roses and fresh-cut flowers. Our acrylic flower boxes come with stem holders, in some cases, with double stem holders, so you can easily arrange flowers inside each box. Please, review the size range of the acrylic square boxes to select the right one for you.

For centuries, floral compositions have been objects of reverence and a source of delight, with a tinge of the mystical. These days, we’ve long since grown accustomed to our standard bouquets, usually wrapped in unsightly paper that fails to show their bright colors and shapes to full advantage. Our acrylic flower boxes let you display your lavish compositions to splendid effect.

Size Guide & Units of Measurement – D stands for diameter, H stands for height, W stands for width, L stands for length. Our sizes for Acrylic Square Boxes, Acrylic Rose Boxes are shown in product titles below. Please, note that we use metric units of measurement. However, please, use our unit converter to see the selected box size in inches. Each Acrylic Square Box, Acrylic Rose Box size below is an individual product so you need to select and add each needed size along with its color to your cart consecutively if you require more than one size.

Product images – the images below are provided as examples only and they are technical images to give you an idea on the box size, look and feel.

Pricing – The price shown is per one item only. Click or tap the Dollar icon inside the two circular arrows in the top right corner of your screen to choose your currency and view our prices in either US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros.

Materials – We only use the best cover materials to manufacture our boxes including certified & environmentally-friendly consumables by the leading European manufacturers.

Size Customization –  Our Acrylic Square Boxes, Acrylic Rose Boxes can be customized to meet your sizing needs. If you require some of them to be shorter, wider or taller, please, specify your size requirements in the order comments field during checkout.

Personalization – Artwork application and other customizations are available as paid options during checkout.

Minimum order – our website has been set up to comply with our minimum order rules per size. You can see that by the number of boxes in the Quantity field. Overall minimum order requirement for Acrylic Square Boxes, Acrylic Rose Boxes is a mixed batch of 20 boxes in various sizes so you are welcome to choose different box sizes as part of your order of 20.

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Showing all 8 results