Paper Covered Hat Boxes

In olden times, hat boxes were generally used for their original purpose – to keep hats safe from damage and dust, preserving the shape of a delicate and expensive item. Today, flower businesses, florists, and event organizers use hat boxes for entirely different reasons – these boxes have found a second life as the perfect container for flowers and presents, remarkably functional and undeniably eye-catching. Fleur Box manufactures round flower boxes in bulk at wholesale prices. Check out our Portfolio Highlights.

In the world of floristry, hat boxes are a cutting-edge trend – no forward-thinking player can be without them. It’s the packaging that gives any bouquet something extra, enhancing its elegance and beauty, making a gift a special sheen of originality. The round flower boxes that you can order from Fleur Box become the basis for new and unexpected arrangements, amazing your customers and their loved ones. What woman could remain unmoved by a huge bouquet of roses artfully arranged in a bright and elegant round flower box?

Flowers always have been the perfect present, and they always will be. Hat boxes, too, are classic and elegant while having a contemporary and universal appeal.

Place an order by selecting your size and color below. Our round flower boxes come in a variety of sizes and colors. They can be personalized with your company logo or a custom print.

Our sizes are specified in centimeters but they can be changed to inches. Click on any given image below and set the size to inches.

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Showing all 31 results