Paper Covered Flip Lid Book Boxes

Size Guide & Units of Measurement – D stands for diameter, H stands for height, W stands for width, L stands for length. Our sizes for Long Stem Boxes, Book Boxes, Jewel Boxes are shown in product titles below. Please, note that we use metric units of measurement. However, please, use our unit converter to see the selected box size in inches. Each size for Long Stem Boxes, Book Boxes, Jewel Boxes below is an individual product so you need to select and add each needed size along with its color to your cart consecutively if you require more than one size.

Product images – the images below are provided as examples only. Your final product will be made in the size and color that you select and add to your cart.

Pricing – The price shown is per one item only. Click or tap the Dollar icon inside the two circular arrows in the top right corner of your screen to choose your currency and view our prices in either US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros.

Materials – We only use the best cover materials to manufacture our boxes including certified & environmentally-friendly consumables by the leading European manufacturers.

Size Customization – The sizes of our Long Stem Boxes, Book Boxes, Jewel Boxes displayed below are final standard sizes that we offer at the moment. However, they can be customized to meet your sizing needs at an extra fee. If you require these Book Boxes to be made in your own size and/or sizes, please, specify your requirements in the order notes field before you check out or contact our customer support via Email or WhatsApp.

Personalization – Artwork application as well as eyelets and ribbons are available as paid personalization options during checkout. You can also add custom prints instead of paper for your boxes. Click or tap on Fashionalize your boxes tab to add them to certain boxes in your order.

Minimum order – our website has been set up to comply with our minimum order rules per size and color. You can see that by the number of boxes in the Quantity field. Overall minimum order requirement is a mixed batch of 40 boxes in various styles, sizes, colors, shapes, so you are welcome to choose different box styles as part of your order of 40.

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Showing all 6 results