Paper Covered Square Flower Boxes, Cube Rose Boxes, Square Gift Boxes

There’s no more traditional, no more fitting, no more surefire way to make a statement than with flowers. Flowers are indelibly associated with celebration, with events that really mean something important. They bring joy and a buoyant mood… Today, it’s true, not everyone is going to be able to look after a bouquet to extend its life, and that’s leaving outside the vase you’ll need, the cost of transport and all other such matters. Having studied all the relevant factors in depth, we’ve begun production of Square Flower Boxes, Cube Rose Boxes, Square Gift Boxes, and they’ve become a new trend in floral fashion. A square flower box like this can impress by its very appearance, of course, but it does more than that – it creates a strong, continuing positive impression by what it does for the recipient, by how clever, well-designed, thoughtful and inventive it is. The subtle taste will appreciate the firm but understated elegance of the Square Flower Boxes, Cube Rose Boxes, Square Gift Boxes; a romantic nature will pick up notes of French allure, and practical minds will appreciate everything being taken care of in advance – no searching for vases, no changing water for a bouquet in a box like this! In a flash, Square Flower Boxes, Cube Rose Boxes, Square Gift Boxes turn a classic bouquet into a far more special and unusual offering. The bouquet can be complemented with candies or jewelry; the florist’s oasis keeps the flowers fresh and bright for an amazingly long time. Fleur Box hand makes Square Flower Boxes, Cube Rose Boxes, Square Gift Boxes. You can order them in various sizes, color gamuts, decorative designs and more.

Size Guide & Units of Measurement – D stands for diameter, H stands for height, W stands for width, L stands for length. Our square flower box sizes are shown next to the product names. Please, note that we use metric units of measurement. However, our square box sizes in inches can be found in brackets too.

Pricing – The price shown is per one item only. Click or tap the Dollar icon inside the two circular arrows in the top right corner of your screen to choose your currency and view our prices in either US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros.

Materials – We only use the best cover materials to manufacture our square flower boxes including certified & environmentally-friendly consumables by the leading European manufacturers.

Size Customization – The sizes of our square flower boxes displayed below are standard sizes. They can be customized at an extra charge. If you require some of them to be shorter or higher, please, specify your height requirements in the order comments field during checkout so that we can provide a quote on size customization costs.

Personalization – Artwork application, as well as eyelets and ribbons, are available as paid personalization options during checkout. You can also add custom prints instead of paper for your square flower boxes. Click or tap on Fashionalize your boxes tab to add them to certain square boxes in your order.

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Showing all 21 results