Waterproof Flower Boxes, Waterproof Plastic Hat Boxes

Made of high-impact plastic with a wall thickness of 2mm, these Waterproof Flower Boxes are a game-changer for many florists around the world. Our customers will appreciate the fact that they will no longer need to use any plastic containers or bags to place fresh-cut flowers with water inside the box because these Waterproof Flower Boxes are all it takes to make fresh flower arrangement process totally hassle-free.

Waterproof Flower Boxes are used as special packaging for flowers. They are round in form and water-impermeable. The exterior can be lined with our designer papers, velvet or fashionable print designs, in whatever hues and tones the customer desires.

To make your boxes unique, we can place your company’s logo or a special, personalized writing on the boxes. It’s a special added twist to bring your business to the attention of the most demanding – and the most appreciative – customers in a special, attractive way.

When you offer your customers Waterproof Flower Boxes as a way to create inimitable floristic designs, you open up endless possibilities for them.

  • Let them really appreciate your creativity, so that they come back to you time and again.
  • Give them the opportunity to benefit from an easy-to-use kind of packaging.
  • Have them buy more than just the bouquet in your store – let them have a complete, one-of-a-kind floral composition, enhanced by a kind of “portable oasis” to let flowers stay fresh for longer than you would have thought possible.
  • Make it easy, thanks to the waterproof construction of plastic flower boxes, for them to have your masterworks shipped to them anywhere they like, without having to worry about spillage or damage.
  • Let them appreciate all the special features of this kind of packaging.

The surprising combination of a traditional hat-box design with fragrant flowers will never fail to impress customers, making your shop stand out among the competition!

Size Guide & Units of Measurement – D stands for diameter, H stands for height, W stands for width, L stands for length. Our sizes for Waterproof Flower Boxes are shown in product titles below. Please, note that we use metric units of measurement. However, please, use our unit converter to see the selected box size in inches. Each Waterproof Flower Box size below is an individual product so you need to select and add each needed size along with its color to your cart consecutively if you require more than one size.

Product images – the product images below are 3D images and provided as examples in order to convey the real size of the boxes. Your final product will be made in the size and color that you choose to order. You can request examples of our recent work by contacting our customer support via Email or WhatsApp.

Pricing – The price shown is per one item only. Be sure to select your currency by clicking or tapping on the Currencies Icon in the top right corner of your screen. You can view our prices either in US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros. You need to place your orders using your local currency or US Dollars if your currency is not supported by our website.

Materials – We only use the highest quality materials to manufacture our boxes including certified & environmentally-friendly consumables by the leading European manufacturers such as cardboard, paper, velvet, glue etc.

Size Customization – The sizes of our Waterproof Flower Boxes displayed below are final standard sizes that we offer at the moment.

Personalization – Artwork application are available as paid personalization options on the checkout page. You need to click on Add personalization button from your cart to proceed. You can also add custom prints instead of standard paper for your boxes such as marble or other custom prints. Click or tap on “Extra personalization” tab to add them to certain boxes in your order and then email us your prints or contact our customer support for more assistance.Waterproof Flower Boxes cannot be personalized with eyelets or ribbons at the moment.

Minimum order – our website has been set up to comply with our minimum order rules per size, color and overall minimum order requirement so it will notify you if your order is out of compliance with the rules by showing the appropriate messages in red in your cart. If you wish to have more than one color per box size, just add that box size in as many colors as you like to your cart and then adjust the quantities per color in increments of 5, 10, 15 or more in your cart later.

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Showing all 2 results