Square Gift Boxes – Choosing Flowers for a Birthday

Square Gift Boxes – Choosing Flowers for a Birthday

There are no predetermined rules when it comes to different colours and creating floral arrangements. Especially when it comes to square gift boxes, rose colors or style of a floral arrangement. It might be that the girl celebrating her name day likes chrysanthemums, while the retiree adores lilies. Then the choice is obvious. The size of the bouquet fully depends on your own agenda. Hundreds of roses aren’t necessary a fitting gesture coming from those less comfortable about revealing their feelings. The recipient, knowing the person well, will be just as happy with a more discreet floral arrangement, if they can see that it has come from the heart.

And that’s where it pays to be mindful of the packaging. For example, square gift boxes are perfect for protecting flowers from getting damaged during travel, and ensure they last longer. Offer square gift boxes to your customers when they come for a bouquet.

What’s more, square gift boxes are an original form of decoration: instead of flowers in a customary vase, a table can look resplendent when on it stands an exquisite creation bearing the logo of a stylish boutique, at the heart of which are freshly cut delicate stems.

We’re sure you’ll agree, this makes for a beautiful birthday present! Let’s picture the scene: lots of people called on the girl in order to wish her a happy birthday. And all of them packaged their flowers in square gift boxes. Each bouquet – lush, festive and bright in square gift boxes– gives off a heady, sophisticated scent and acts as a beautiful interior decoration, filling it with natural allure.

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