Surprise Square Rose Boxes

Surprise Square Rose Boxes to make your flower brand special

A smile is a symbol of happiness, love, purity. And did you know that flowers are nature’s way of smiling? Use nature’s smile enveloped in Surprise Square Rose Boxes as a present for someone special – a lover, mother, daughter – or just as a nice gesture, whomever the recipient.

Flowers are a beautiful symbol. They invoke countless emotions, all of which are warm, tender. Who hasn’t brought a smile to someone’s face having presented them with luxurious bouquet! In saying that, the flowers don’t necessarily have to be high-end: even the humblest of chamomile poseys picked in a field can do wonders to lift anyone’s spirits. The delicate centre of the flower, framed its petals, looks as though it is smiling at us, radiating its natural energy to all around it. And if you want the bouquet to last as long as possible and retain its scent, special care must be taken of it.

This beautiful arrangement pictured below is seen with a carton-shaped box, Surprise Square Rose Boxes, that you can order from our website. Thanks to this type of packaging, the flowers last as long as possible and maintain their enigmatic smile and vivid colours. These Square Rose Boxes were hand-crafted and customized by Fleur Box for a customer in Canada. The particular florist for whom it was made creates arrangements for their customers guaranteed to last more than just a couple of days. In this case, Surprise Square Rose Boxes don’t just act as luxurious and reliable packaging – they are an important part of the arrangement, since it is these boxes that keep the flowers’ beauty intact, making their smile even more noticeable.

The company logo, printed in gold on the box, lends the entire look an even greater degree of sophistication and elegance. Who wouldn’t delight in receiving such a bouquet and be left grinning from ear to ear?! And playing a central role in all of this would is the elegant Surprise Square Rose Boxes. Place an order for these Surprise Square Rose Boxes on our website. We can cater to all styles and design purposes, as per our customers’ individual requirements!

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