Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Information on Bank Transfers, PayPal, Credit / Debit Card Payments, Production & Shipping.

Bank Transfer, PayPal, Credit/Debit Card Payment Terms & Shipping Policy

Please note that you can pay for your order using the following payment methods: direct bank transfer, PayPal, credit or debit card.

The following terms apply:

Please read the following information:

You agree that, by making payment for your order to our bank, PayPal account or using your credit card, you affirm that you clearly understand what you are purchasing from Fleur Box.

You fully understand that any and all items you are purchasing from us are customized, bespoke or hand-made to your order requirements and are therefore NON-REFUNDABLE. Please note that Fleur Box sells, makes, manufactures and produces custom and/or bespoke flower & gift boxes (hereinafter, “gift packaging”) per your specific requirements; in addition, logo or print/pattern applications and/or other customizations are made before the boxes get assembled by hand. Therefore, should you decide to call back your payment via your bank, PayPal or credit card processing company for any reason whatsoever, we will not be able to remove your logos/texts/prints or other company information from the boxes being manufactured for you. Similarly, the consumables – designer paper, covering materials, cardboard, metal logo stamps, etc. – are made/selected/purchased/ordered or otherwise acquired by us either through our in-house resources/equipment/workforce and/or from our contractors/suppliers specifically for your order. We will not be able to reuse, resell or recycle the product customized to your branding needs. Therefore, no order will be refunded, returned or canceled once it has been placed;

To better understand what materials/sizes/shapes/colors we use to manufacture our boxes and to select the right ones for your order, please refer to the relevant pages on our website. To understand how much time it will take for your order to be processed, from manufacturing to delivery, please check our FAQ PagePayment, and Shipping. As a client-oriented company, we have publicly laid out all the gift box industry-specific details and shipping information on our website, so our potential customers will fully understand exactly how we operate, what we make, how we make it, and so forth;

The manufacturing of your boxes will start ONLY when your funds clear in our account;

If you are concerned with or would like to see just how your boxes will look in any available colors, sizes, shapes, with or without your logo application, please look at our portfolio. Be sure to order our samples first, if in doubt, visit the following pages: cover material swatches and sample boxes. Visit our Instagram account to learn more about the boxes that we manufacture, are manufacturing, or have manufactured for our other customers around the world. You can also read Customer Feedback posted by our clients on our Customer Reviews page;

IMPORTANT: international delivery of all orders is carried out by a third party company not affiliated with Fleur Box. All packages will be protected with double corrugated cardboard and waterproof plastic film outside. All the client’s boxes will be wrapped in plastic film to protect them from any external damage;

Transfer of ownership of Product: Ownership of the manufactured Products, along with the risk of accidental loss or damage to the Products, passes to the Customer upon collection of the finished Products by the Customer and (or) shipping company in the Customer’s name, which is clearly stated on airway bills. Airway bills will also contain your tracking numbers to support the fact that the Products, i.e. your order, is shipped in your name;

The quality of Products meets the requirements of the Manufacturer, which are applicable to this category of Products. All our boxes are hand-made to order using certified and eco-friendly European materials. Certificates are available upon request;

All returned shipments that were undelivered because you were not available or could not be reached when the shipping company’s representative tried to deliver your order, will be stored at our facility for only six months and scrapped upon expiration of the said period thereof. You hereby accept that the free storage of returned commodity not accepted by you when it was delivered is free for 40 days only. The subsequent storage is at an extra charge of 1500 rubles per month;

No damaged items are to be compensated by Fleur Box unless you take out the shipping insurance at checkout on our website. You are not necessarily required to buy this insurance because our shipping company makes every effort to deliver our orders safely, but the damages might happen from time to time while your order is in transit. However, you waive any and all compensation rights unless you buy shipping insurance, i.e. you cannot claim any compensation for damages from us if you skip shipping insurance at checkout. Please add shipping insurance to your order if you have any concerns. You will be required to provide a damage report with photos and a video clearly showing the damaged items, and shipping packages with all the original labels and airway bills and other documents on within 7 (seven) days from the moment you receive your order. Please be advised that we do not provide monetary compensation. We will ship replacement items to you within 15 (fifteen) business days – our regular production timeframe, or add a credit to your account for your next order only. Please note that you can choose replacement items, not necessarily a credit on your next order, so we will make the new product within 15 (fifteen) business days and ship it over to you;

Please note that you can order samples from us first, before ordering boxes tailored to your needs. In the event that you may wish to proceed with a customized box order, but still have concerns, please contact us, and we may consider putting you in direct contact with other customers who already have experience working with us or are long-term repeat customers who understand the way this business works;

Please note that PayPal charges a fee per transaction (you can read more about PayPal fees on PayPal website). Also, all international payments in foreign currencies coming into our PayPal account are automatically converted by PayPal into our local currency, which is Russian Rubles. PayPal exchange rates for foreign currencies are substantially lower than the normal bank rates, which means that your order total will be increased by about 10% on top of your order grand total when we send you an invoice. The above fees, both transaction and currency conversion fee, collectively amount to 10%;

By paying for your order, you irrevocably accept the terms above.

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