The Finest Handmade Velvet Gift Boxes

The Finest Handmade Velvet Gift Boxes

It is a time-honored tradition of aristocrats and even kings to present truly elite gifts in velvet gift boxes. Most often than not, they are reserved for small, extremely expensive presents – rings, necklaces, bracelets and similar treasures. Today, velvet boxes have other uses – signally, as high-end packaging boxes for all sorts of gift items, fresh flowers and preserved roses alike.

Since ancient times, they prized velvet as a luxurious and precious material. Our ancestors used velvet to make their finest clothing, shoes and accessories. Velvet lined cases, coverings and gift boxes were the privilege of the affluent, the blue-blooded nobility. Today, velvet remains the epitome of the life of luxury. That’s why velvet boxes turn even the simplest flower arrangement or a gift into a striking and elegant item.

Reshape and enhance the appearance of your products with velvet boxes

Anyone who’s spent time in the gift item or floral business, anyone who’s serious about high-end gifts and flowers, knows the pivotal importance of packaging. Packaging, after all, has the power to radically reshape and enhance the appearance of your products. That’s what makes buying velvet boxes such a brilliant move. The boxes are an environment in which your gifts, fresh flowers or preserved roses become that much more attractive, increasing demand.

We at Fleur Box use the latest technology to make our boxes so fine that our customers will be able to use them in a host of ways. And we guarantee that even your clients’ most unassuming presents, when placed in exquisite velvet boxes, will become kingly gifts. It is an unmistakably VIP-level form of packaging. Remember that when you order velvet boxes with your logo, you are acquiring a luxurious form of packaging for preserved roses, fresh flowers, lingerie, soft toys, sweets, jewelry and even clothing. All you have to do is to order the boxes in the sizes you’ll need, and determine the right colors, along with any additional personalization you may require.

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