Floristry Business

Custom flower boxes for a turnkey floristry business solution.

Have you just opened a flower shop? Or perhaps you are planning to go into the floristry business? It’s a brilliant idea. The world of flowers is unlike any other, vivid and appealing, and there is no end to the fantasies you can turn into reality!

Fleur Box is excited to help you as you set off on this serious and promising path. And you’ll agree that any flower shop needs to find a memorable, eye-catching form of packaging, custom flower boxes – that’s a key way to set yourself apart from all the other stores, to make your shop a place people recognize and remember. We can produce original, personalized custom flower boxes just for you. It’s one of your most important first steps on the road to success, to making your dream come true!

But that’s not all. Fleur Box is more than a manufacturer of custom flower boxes for our international customers. We can help you expand your business.  This service involves developing turnkey web sites that sell your products. It includes:

  • Developing the web site design
  • Adapting it for mobile devices
  • Connecting it to an Internet store module for instant sales
  • Logo design
  • Composing texts for your landing page with SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Client outreach via Instagram
  • Photo shoots featuring models and flowers in your custom branded flower boxes that we will make for you, all designed to establish your product line – it’s advertising that’s good for us and good for you!

Interested? Call us – let’s talk!

Web design for flower shops, full web optimization, promotion on Instagram, and advice on floral arrangements using flower boxes. The creation of a floristry business from the ground up – with Fleur Box.