Using Custom Color Boxes to Elevate Your Brand

Can you imagine a world without decorative boxes or custom color boxes? Imagine shipping all your products to customers in identical plain boxes. There is absolutely nothing to differentiate your products from all the rest. People aren’t sharing images of your packages on social media. No one would make purchasing decisions based on packaging only.

That sounds horrible, right? Talk about being stuck in 1997.

Today’s modern business means keeping up with marketing trends. It’s the only way to compete with businesses like yours. Since most people do a lot of their shopping in their PJs today, your top competitors are just a few clicks away. In this fast-paced business culture, it’s easy to see why the most human business wins.

Custom color boxes are an easy way to create an emotion-filled human element for your brand. They help reinforce the human-business connection that so many eCommerce businesses continue to struggle with. Let’s look at a few ways custom color boxes can help you distinguish your brand.

Custom Color Boxes Enhance the Customer Experience

It’s not difficult to incorporate custom color boxes into an existing packaging and shipping process. They are cost-effective, durable, and tell your story from the outside in. Ultimately, they attract new shoppers while keeping current customers coming back. The extra thoughtfulness custom boxes offer help to wow your clientele and reinforce the reasons they chose you in the first place. When done correctly, this additional thoughtfulness helps your brand:

  • Stand apart from your competition.
  • Increase your product’s perceived value.
  • Turn your ordinary shoppers into brand ambassadors.
  • Shows customers appreciation.
  • Improves the buying experience.

You will be building a loyal brand community while generating more revenue.

Custom Gift Boxes Encourage Repeat Purchases and Build Brand Loyalty

Creative gift-like packaging creates a great delivery experience for your customers. This increases the likelihood they will make a repeat purchase. When you incorporate custom color and gift boxes into your packaging processes, it communicates to your customers that you care about them. That sense of belonging is often what brings them back to your brand.

Cost-Effective Way to Improve Customer Experience

There are some expensive ways to revamp the buying experience. But custom color boxes can add your brand and story with something you were already going to purchase. You can’t ship and deliver your products without a durable box, right? High-quality packaging reinforces to the customer that they spent their money well. By increasing the perceived value of your product, you can absorb the extra costs by increasing prices.

An Easy Way to Say, “Thank You”

Nothing tells a customer “thank you” like making them feel genuinely cared for during the buying experience. There are so many businesses vying for their attention and money that your appreciation can make the difference between your brand and products and that of the competition. Customers notice the littlest things. Custom color boxes go a long way in showing customers how much they mean to the heart and soul of your business.

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