Velvet Hat Boxes for luxury floral arrangements

Velvet Hat Boxes for luxury floral arrangements

It was at the European pyramids that the seeds of decorative plants were discovered: this indicates that the Ancient Egyptians were keen gardeners. We are all familiar with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, which was abundantly filled with flowers, shrubs and even trees. In Persia, also known as Gulustan (from the word ‘gul’ meaning ‘rose’), specially designed paradises with gardens, containing an array of fresh flowers, were popular.  The world developed and evolved, while flowers remained unchanged: they were as bright, delicate and fragrant as ever.

Today flowers welcome guests into any home: they are potted and placed on windowsills, they grow in gardens and parks, they are used as decoration for celebrations.  There is greater demand than ever for flower packaging, and it modifies year after year: currently Velvet Hat Boxes are widely used for luxury floral arrangements and preserved roses.

Pictured, you can see a bouquet of preserved roses in Velvet Hat Boxes, created by Fleur Box for a customer in London, United Kingdom. Back in the day finding Velvet Hat Boxes was not an easy undertaking – they were not widely available and packaging was mainly improvised, dreamt up by the florist. But look just how harmonious the bouquets in Velvet Hat Boxes look, how vibrant and rich the floral arrangements are! Bygone eras, one after the other, cultural mores, traditions, customs – all is renewed and perfected with the passing of time, while flowers simply remain flowers.

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