Velvet Square Boxes

Velvet Square Boxes. Let every house be permeated by an aroma of freshness and bright colors!

A bouquet of flowers is capable of injecting any space with its mesmerizingly infectious energy. Fresh plants can have a transformative effect: even the dullest, gloomiest of rooms can be brightened up thanks to crisp green leaves and multicoloured blooms. As any interior designer worth their salt will tell you: a mass of bright colours lifts the spirits, energising people and fostering positivity.  Any kind of plant within an interior gives that added touch which captures the attention, it draws you closer, to admire, lean in and savour its aroma. Exactly because of this, fresh flowers are a permanent installment in so many people’s homes. But it isn’t just the flowers in the bouquets for interiors that you notice; the packaging plays an equally important role in it all.  It goes without saying that a luxurious bouquet messily stuffed into a plastic case or a gaudy vase is just not pretty!

Pictured are preserved roses in a an office environment. Just look how harmoniously they complement the overall composition of the office and how plain the photo would look if it weren’t for the bouquet! Velvet square gift boxes by Fleur Box for a customer in Oxford, aren’t simply convenient for floral arrangements. They serve to enhance the features of the interior, transforming the surrounding pieces of furniture next to which they are placed.

Nowadays various different materials, ideas, and forms are used to create bouquets. However, there is no match for velvet square boxes; it is the best way to present flowers to the recipient safely and all in one piece and to then be able to put them on display in any area within a house, apartment or office, decorating the space with nature’s finest creations. Velvet Square Boxes are a fitting way to create a bouquet, as the focal point in the centre of any room. Give those close to you flowers and be sure to do so as often as possible, no matter whether it’s a special occasion or not. Let every house be permeated by an aroma of freshness and bright colors!

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