All Custom Print Boxes

Below is a range of box categories that we can manufacture with your custom or personalized prints or images on them – Custom Print Boxes. These can be any prints or images including marble, fashion, themed, art or any other prints or images of your choice.

Each box category below contains size and color variations as this category stems from all paper covered boxes range. However, please, choose the Custom Print option on hover when you select your box design and its size within the categories below. This option is the last one in white below all colors in circles. We made it all white because we would make these custom print boxes in your custom prints or images later on.

Be sure to add the actual custom print costs to your order at checkout to let us process your order of custom print boxes as the white color option you initially choose is just the base paper will use for printing and it is priced as a regular one, excluding your custom prints or images. So just click on “Add custom prints to your order” tab at checkout and tick the box size you’d like your own custom or personalized prints for. This will add all associated custom print fees to your order.

If you have trouble understanding how to order this custom print boxes, you can ask Fleur Box Customer Service to clarify. Feel free to drop us a line and request examples of our recent work.